Pretty as A Picture: Quick Guide to Picture Windows

Pretty as A Picture Quick Guide to Picture WindowsOne of the factors that many people consider when choosing an area to live in is the aesthetic appeal of the surroundings. Whether it’s a breathtaking skyline or a serene nature corner, having a good view from your windows can make every day more pleasant.

If the view from your windows is exquisite and you would like to enhance it even more, consider installing picture windows in your home. In this post, we take a closer look at what exactly they are.

What Are Picture Windows?

A picture window is a simple fixed window that enables you to view the surrounding environment from the comfort of your home. They are larger than standard windows and feature simple, minimalistic framing. Most picture windows do not open, which keeps the frame as narrow as possible. This way, the framing doesn’t distract the viewer from the landscape.

Historically, picture windows could refer to any custom windows that enhance a good outdoor view. Many homes and buildings featured large windows or balconies on the side that were oriented towards a landmark or a direction with a good view.

Why You Should Consider Adding a Picture Window

Here are some reasons why you should consider adding picture windows to your home:

They let in more natural light

Because picture windows are regularly larger than standard windows, they will let in more natural light. This can help a room feel more open, spacious and welcoming.

They insulate better

Because they never open, picture windows are more efficient at insulating. This way, the cooler air will not escape during summer, and the heat will not leak out during winter.

They are easy to clean from the inside

When you clean a picture window from the inside, you have the easy task of wiping the glass. There is no need to clean intricate mechanisms, railings or other parts.

They are affordable

Picture windows are affordable thanks to their simplicity. The price remains within a reasonable range because you only pay for the framing and glass panel.

Other Considerations and Costs

The actual cost of a picture window depends on many factors, from its size to the window treatments you want to add. Another added cost you should consider is the installation price when you add a picture window to a standard-sized opening. The cost will increase if you have to modify the size of the hole. Generally, a picture window can cost between $200 and $1,000.

If you select a very large window, the size will influence the price of the product as well as the labour costs of installing the window. Remember to factor in costs from disposing of the previous window and cleaning as well.

Custom Windows with Valley Windows

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