Real Estate Shows to Enjoy… and Learn From

Real Estate Shows to EnjoyThere is such joy for so many of us to sit on the couch or in a comfortable chair on a lazy day and enjoy a favourite show with a beverage or delicious snack. “Lazy time” is a more recently coined term in many cultures, and while we don’t know the origin of the phrase, the Valley Windows team knows that many of you – no matter what industry you work in or where you’re at in life – appreciate it. There has been a growing boom in the number of shows that you can flip between, but our shows of choice fall squarely in the home renovation and buying space. If you’ve visited the site before or are enthusiastic readers of this blog, you know that giving you a better view through our premium window and door solutions is only one of the things that we do. We love amazing houses and we love having conversations with our customers to them. So, with all of the above in mind, and with a shared love of the aforementioned couch time, here are some of our favourite, inspirational home renovation and buying shows that you should explore:

Selling Sunset (Netflix)

Selling Sunset is a newer title, but what drew us to it is the style of homes that are frequently showcased. It takes place in Los Angeles, California and as you’ve probably seen out in the market, modern styles are getting snapped up right and left. The main calling card of a more modern home is large windows and open spaces, both of which help bring in light. We’re not averse to the competitive vibe between the different real estate agents ever, as they try and bring in the most business.

Million Dollar Listing (Hulu)

The title is a little bit of a giveaway, but if you’re feeling particularly wealthy or driven, you’ll be able to view all sorts of styles of homes in multiple urban cities. The leads in the show are everything that you’d expect from real estate professionals – they’re cutthroat, creative and there to win. The amounts that they make are astronomical, and so are the prices of the homes. That said, we love this show because you can find small pockets of motivation to complete home renovation projects that you’ve been meaning to complete.

Open Homes Australia (9Life)

We assume that we’re probably on the same page here, but it has to be said that the Valley Windows team is very passionate about where we live. That’s why we had to include a local favourite that millions tune into, heads up: new season coming in November. Their Facebook page says it best- “We travel Australia looking for the greatest and most innovative building and design trends of the country.” And they do it well. Giant mansion or creatively using a smaller space, there’s a reason that this team falls under the ‘experts’ category.