The Difference Replacement Windows Can Make for Your Home

The Difference Replacement Windows Can Make for Your HomeWhether you’re buying an existing home or building from the ground up, you’re probably not thinking too much about the windows. Sure, you want to make sure that they probably exist and bonus points if they’re aesthetically pleasing or of a particular style that you’ve been searching for. But for the vast majority of structures around the world, they’re a package detail with the whole walls, doors and ceilings set-up.

If you’re a member of the Valley Windows team, you know that we don’t believe this is enough. We’re proponents of giving you a better view, the best view and that starts with replacing your windows. While we could tout the benefits of our specific products all day long, today we’re looking at the bigger picture and the important reasons that you should consider installing replacement windows on your home.

Your Current Windows Have Issues

The first scenario is that you’re noticing that there are issues with your current windows. They may be foggy, your rooms may be draftier than usual, they may be harder to keep open or closed all of the way, which can be a major issue no matter what season you’re in or weather in your area. The worst case is when there is rot or mould in the sills surrounding your windows, because that leads to each and every one of the aforementioned issues.

Benefits of Replacement Windows

Enough about the negatives. Let’s talk about the positives. When you invest in new windows or take the time to purchase ones that reap all of the benefits, you overthrow the challenges by a long shot. What do the benefits include? We’re talking major energy savings, massive increases in comfort inside your home, vastly better security for the items and people that you’re looking to keep safe and secure and ultimately an increase in value for your home. Do you want to put a solid number on it? There are new and better windows that can mean a 75% increase in value in your home should you decide to sell further on down the line.

Reasons for Installing Replacement Windows

We’ve talked about the benefits, but what are the reasons? There are reasons aplenty and they run the gamut. They support each of the benefits above. First up to bat, they’ll save you money both now and later. Don’t balk at the initial price tag, you’re going to see a turnaround in your wallet contents before you even know it. In fact, if you take the time and forget about replacing your windows, you’re going to be bleeding money over a much longer period of time. If you have older, single-pane windows, you can lose up to 30% of the heat that’s elicited from your home.

This is just the start of the fun when it comes to the benefits of replacing your windows. We have lots more information coming your way about this topic and others. Questions? Comments? Let us know. The Valley Windows team would love from you.