The Right Walls for a Room

The Right Walls for a RoomThere are two (of many) types of people that we work with – those that immediately notice the height of a wall or ceiling in a room and those who have no idea and are later very glad to learn what they did. The Valley Windows team caters to both in order to offer a better view, which is our ultimate goal, but let’s focus on the audiences out there that have no idea what an optimal height of a wall or ceiling should be… and why:

When you’re thinking about framing a room, especially if it’s new construction or you know that you’re going to be doing intense renovations, think through the logistics and the unassociated costs. These would include air conditioning and heating as well as electrical features (someone has to climb up there to change the light bulbs) and plumbing.

While we do want to focus on the height, you also need to think about the width of any interior walls. These are determined with the studs that the contractor or construction company leveraged, generally 2” and anywhere from 4 to 6”.

In rooms like the kitchen, bedroom, closet – or pretty much any room, planning for the height and width of the walls can also dictate how much closet or storage space you have, especially because you’ll be able to design it in a much more recessed (into the wall) fashion, which can end up saving you a lot of floor space.

Another question you should bring up with your contractor is soundproofing. While it used to be much more expensive and time-consuming back in the day (and generally used for very specific purposes like music studios), now we know that it never hurts to ask and there are many more options out on the market. You can look into special sound bats, make the wall denser or put in fibreglass insulation. Each are options that the Valley Windows team can point you in the right direction for, for a solution.

Okay, heights. The standard is around 8’, but if you’re looking at much of the new construction, especially when it comes to condos or apartments, it can go up to 9’ or 10’. That said, it can be a huge draw to many to have higher ceilings, letting in more and more light (which we’re a fan of). The rooms where we’ve seen this have this appeal the most vary, although they tend to veer towards social spaces versus private ones like your bedroom – where you probably want your experience sleeping to be a little bit more comfortable. As mentioned above, keep those logistical notes in mind – you don’t want to be paying too much out of pocket for heating or air conditioning in a bedroom.

Regardless of the shape and size of your wall, the Valley Windows team has the right solution of a window or door to bring you a better view.