Rooms That Don’t Need Windows

Rooms That Don't Need WindowsWhat an odd title, we know – but a topic that comes up frequently and honestly one that the Valley Windows team wants to be honest about and help with. While our mission will always be to provide you with a better (best) view, we also aim to be transparent, communicative, and helpful. And sometimes that means that we share the information that makes sense for you, even if it doesn’t benefit us. Ultimately, if you’re happy with your home, everyone wins. So, let’s talk about rooms that don’t need windows at all:

Your Basement

Sometimes this is not the case. It just depends on how your basement was designed and what it’s being used for. More and more, we’re seeing the basements that have areas above ground and in those cases, windows definitely make sense. If not, it’s an easy decision. No light, no window.

Storage Spaces

Examples of these would include closets or rooms not in use where you’ve been stockpiling items that aren’t frequently used. Don’t get us wrong, these rooms are vital to the design of your home. And they certainly need a solution for lighting, if for no other reason, you can find exactly what you’re looking for. But whether by design or necessity, they’re often placed in areas of your home where it’s not necessary to have large windows. One particular reason why? If you’re storing specific items like winter coats, you may or may not want sunlight coming into the space and potentially damaging any materials.

Dependent on Function

We love windows, we like to think that the Valley Windows team has a solution for a type of window for every different space. Sometimes… that’s a bit of a stretch. Think about a sound studio; you’re already negating many of the benefits of the space itself – it should be soundproof (windows don’t particularly help with that), quiet and dark. Another example is the number of home spas that we’ve seen our customers integrate into their homes. There are many reasons here why you wouldn’t want light in or out – dependent on your style and level of privacy. It’s definitely an area where we support whatever you’re comfortable with.

Being Strategic About Adjacency to High-Traffic Areas

There are so many benefits to living in metropolitan areas, we write about it on the site all the time. That doesn’t mean that we’re not still being strategic about where your windows are located and why. Ground level of a building? Probably a broader discussion about whether that makes sense or not, but if it does for many other reasons that you and your household are discussing, then you should still think about your windows and if the current make sense and if updates make sense. The answer doesn’t have to be ‘yes’ and it doesn’t have to be ‘right now’. It has to be ‘we thought about it, and this is what makes sense’. Need help? The Valley Windows team is always here.