Window Safety Tips: What to Do When Your Window Breaks

Window Safety Tips: What to Do When Your Window BreaksOur homes are a place where we can retreat for rest and relaxation. However, things in our homes may sometimes break or stop working, potentially creating safety hazards. For example, heavy winds or falling debris can lead to a broken window. Here are a few things to do when that happens to keep you and your family safe.

1. The Right Tools for the Job

When you first encounter a broken window, start by gathering the tools you’ll need to clean up the mess. These tools include a bucket for the shards, garbage bags, a broom and dustpan and a vacuum. When you clean up the mess, discard the broken glass safely in a garbage can or bag and immediately toss it in the bin.

2. Find the Cause

Besides dealing with the aftermath of a broken window, it is crucial to determine the cause of the incident in the first place. One cause could be a break-in. If you suspect that someone broke your window in an attempt to break in, report the event to the police as soon as possible.

On the other hand, if falling debris caused your window to break, it may be time to trim the trees around your house to prevent similar events from occurring in the future.

Other Causes

Sometimes, windows break because of ill-fitting or swelling. Timber windows are especially prone to warping if they are older or get water damage. If your window broke because of water infiltration, you might want to check to see if your other windows need to be replaced as well.

3. Cordon off Hazardous Areas

Block off the area around the broken window to ensure no one gets injured. Use tape or warning signs to prevent accidents. Tell anyone else in the home what you are doing so they will avoid the area.

4. Clean up Loose Glass

Here are a few steps to take when cleaning up broken glass.

Glove Up

Don’t touch glass shards with your bare hands. No matter how careful you are, you can still get injured. Wear thick gloves that won’t allow the glass to pierce through.

Pick Up Large Pieces First

If there are large glass pieces in the area, pick them up carefully and discard them first. Afterwards, you can sweep up the remaining smaller shards.

Sweep Thoroughly

Sweep slowly and avoid vigorous movements that could send the glass further away. Collect the pieces carefully in a dustpan and dump them into the bin.

Vacuum and Final Inspection

Vacuum the entire area. It’s best to use a flashlight or a vacuum with a built-in light to spot any remaining shards and glass splinters.

5. Replace the Window

Finally, replace your broken window with a new one. Valley Windows is a premier manufacturer of custom timber and aluminium windows in Melbourne. Our experts have decades of experience in the industry, and we would be happy to help you find the most suitable replacement for your broken window. Contact us today for a free consultation on your window needs!