Signs That It’s Time to Update Your Windows

Signs That It’s Time to Update Your WindowsIt’s never fun to have to update something to do with your home. We’ve put such a stigma around it – we assume that it’s going to expensive, we assume that it’s going to be time consuming. We believe that it will only add stress to our lives and don’t have the long-distance vision that these updates will only add value and curb appeal to your home. First, let’s tackle that problem. The Valley Windows team wants to give you a better view and our best way to do that is to educate our valued customers on the easy things that you can do to ensure that your home is safe, beautiful and comfortable. Hence… this blog! We share the information that we think will be educational, entertaining and ultimately valuable for you. Today, we’re talking about the almighty warning signs. You know what we’re talking about. You blur your eyes a little bit so that they don’t seem as obvious. You brush them off as items that you will get around to eventually.

Well, dear readers, that stops today. There are clear and obvious signs when it truly is time to update your windows. We promise you that it’ll be worth it. Read on for more information:

Has your energy bill skyrocketed? This is probably the sign that you’ll respond best to because nobody wants money to bleed out of their pockets. Here’s a good test: On the next cold day, wear lighter clothing. When you’re adjacent to your windows, does it feel a little bit cooler? Now touch the windows. If the glass is cold, there’s good reason for it. All of the air that’s warm coming out of your furnace goes right back to being cold just within a few feet of the windows. During the warmest and coldest months of the year, your energy bill will fluctuate accordingly. But if you have older windows or windows that need to be replaced, any of the energy produced will be a waste. Newer window technologies allow windows to be more efficient.

Is it hard to operate your window? If it takes more than mild effort to open or close your window, that’s a flag to look for. This is especially noteworthy if you have wooden windows. When there is moisture in the air, this is the first material to warp or swell.

Do you see leaks or decay? This is the most visual variety of signs, but often the one that homeowners put off the most. Remember how we mentioned moisture and the effect that it has on wood? This is another side effect. Moisture and decay are also exponentially dangerous for your windows over long periods of time and can be signs that there are bigger problems with the structure of your home.

Have we piqued your interest? If so, please reach out to the Valley Windows team by email, phone or even in person. We’re excited to work with you and take your windows to the next level.