Smart Windows: Integrating Technology into Your Home

Smart Windows: Integrating Technology into Your HomeWindows are an essential component of many buildings. From commercial buildings to residential houses and apartments, windows can add depth and character to the façade of the building while providing more natural light and ventilation as well. And while windows have remained relatively constant in structure and design for centuries, smart windows have recently gained in popularity and are starting to change the way people view windows. In this post, we take a closer look at what smart windows are and how you can integrate them this unique technology into your home.

What Are Smart Windows?

Smart windows are also known as dynamic or switchable windows. While the technologies used for creating smart windows can vary significantly, ranging from electrochromic windows to thermochromic windows, the way that they operate is fundamentally the same.

In essence, smart windows are windows that can vary the amount of light that they allow into a building based on changes in external stimuli. For instance, thermochromic windows respond to changes in temperature, automatically increasing the amount of tint based when they become hotter in the day. This reduces the amount of light and heat that hence enters a room or building. Similarly, electrochromic windows change their tint based on whether there is an electrical current passing through them. Thus, these enable a user to adjust the amount of light passing through manually.

Benefits of Smart Windows

If you’re interested in incorporating the novel technology of smart windows into your home, here are some of the benefits to consider:

Improved Energy Efficiency

Smart windows can improve the energy efficiency of your home. By reducing or increasing their tint depending on the external conditions, you can control the amount of heat that enters your home. This can help you reduce your heating bill in winter and your air conditioning bill in summer.

Glare Reduction

On a hot or sunny day, being able to adjust the amount of sunlight that is passing through your windows can be a massive perk. If you find that there is too much glare from the sun, increasing the tint of your windows can help you reduce this.

Greater Control of Your Privacy

Smart windows can also enable you to have greater control of your privacy. If you opt for smart windows that you’re able to adjust manually, you can opt to increase their opacity when you want to avoid the prying eyes of your neighbours or people on the streets. This enables you to enjoy greater privacy and comfort in your home.

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