Spotlight on Cozy Corners (pilot)

Spotlight on Cozy CornersThere’s nothing better than relaxing in a corner of your home that means nothing but comfort and safety. Ever since the dawn of Pinterest, we’ve seen all sorts of inspiration about the best ways to design the spaces that are basically large-scale security blankets for you and your home. A big piece of these is windows – and that’s what the team at Valley Windows specializes in. We love big windows, small windows; we love any sort of challenge that will bring light and life to your spaces throughout your homes and businesses. It’s been an ongoing adventure – we’ve worked with all sorts of different properties and styles of architecture, but there does seem to be an ongoing trend of asks whenever we work with new or existing clients. That trend is – “how can I create a cozy corner in this room and leverage the best windows out there for the best view?”

We’re glad you asked. You’ve asked so frequently that we think a series of posts highlighting great spaces within homes and businesses is warranted. But how do you design the most comfortable space possible? Read on for more details in the pilot post of this series:

Obviously, we need to start with the lighting first. Reminder, this is totally subjective, as are all the pieces of advice that we’re going to share within this series. What makes you comfortable is entirely up to you. That said, lighting… what purpose does your comfortable space serve? Is it a sunroom where you read? If so, you want larger windows and as many as possible. If this is a space where you like to burn a candle and watch a movie, you probably want a smaller and strategically placed window, so that no glare will infiltrate your experience on hot or sunny days.

Next, you want to think about colours. We’re guessing that if it’s a space that’s designed specifically for you, you’ll want soothing colours or even your favourite colour easily accessible. This doesn’t need to be the paint on your walls; this can be something as simple as the colour of the plants in your corner or even your favourite blanket that you use on colder evenings. Science has shown that even dashes or accents of your favourite colour can make a huge difference in your mood, so when you arise from your corner, you’re ready to tackle your next challenge of the day.

Finally for today (and believe us, there will be lots more of these types of posts)… plants. Some of you may be shaking your heads, but plants have far more benefits than you may imagine. Emotional, even physical, they’re a recommendation that we think you should invest in. Here is a great guide to the types of plants that make sense for you. Big, small, don’t worry about the amount of time you’ll need to care for it. Just think about the affirmation you’ll feel when it thrives in your comfortable corner.