Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass WindowsIt doesn’t matter what you celebrate during the holiday season, we’re betting that you’ve been in a building at some point that has stained glass windows. You might have gone to a wedding, you might have gone to some affiliation of religious ceremony, you might even have them in your own home! As a company that is continually aiming to bring you a better view through our premium windows and doors, Valley Windows has the most respect for the history and design of windows. It only prescribes the direction that we’re going to go and helps us listen to the needs of our teammates and our customers – our most valuable resource.

We thought it would be especially festive as we close out the year to discuss stained glass windows. We’ve done it a bit in the past, but it’s an art form that deserves all of the love that it can get. Read on for more information:

As you can imagine and may have read on this site, stained glass has been around since the oldest of times. It is called that for the most simple of reasons – it’s coloured! How so? Sometimes it’s the material in its most simple form and sometimes it’s because works have been in process to create it. As we mentioned above, stained glass is generally associated with churches or other religious organizational meeting places, but over time, that has changed. Where you used to only see single-paned windows, (something that the Valley Windows team is an expert in), now you can see stained glass in all sorts of dimensions and designs, including 3D installations at events.

There are a couple of famous people that we have to thank for this evolution, but none so much so as the person behind the Tiffany lamps. We’re sure that you’ve seen them. Even if they’re not in your home or a loved one’s home, they’re prolific at many restaurants that celebrate the best of the 1900s.

So, how are they made? The magic ingredient is metallic salts, which help during the manufacturing process. Small pieces of glass are then arranged in whatever pattern or design the creator deems fit. They’re held together by strips of led and a rigid frame helps to support. Artists even paint on top of the stained glass to add additional detail. There are a few very famous pieces of stained glass, like St. Vitus Cathedral and the Blue Mosque, but we’re betting that you can see many other examples right in your home town.

It doesn’t matter how you celebrate the holidays this season, especially as the sun is high in the sky. But, the Valley Windows team will always love to celebrate the beauty in architecture and we couldn’t think of a better time of year to take a closer look at beautiful windows and think about the next steps for your home.

Questions? We’re here. The Valley Windows team wishes you the happiest of holidays.