Tackling the Next Round of Lockdown (and having fun doing it)

Tackling the Next Round of LockdownWhat a crazy time, right? We know that the Valley Windows team continues to be both confused and inspired, as we navigate this time with so many questions and no clear path ahead. We’re guessing that most of our customers and most of our team didn’t see this coming, but luckily, the Valley Windows team is here to support and motivate. We love homes. We love watching them from design through conception, especially when we’re able to provide you with a better view through our windows and doors. But building a home is only one piece of the puzzle. That’s why we say that you build a house, but you live in a home. And knowing that you’re going to be doing it again for a significant amount of time, we have some insight to share (and to live by ourselves)!

Keep things clean

We don’t know if you live by yourself or you’re part of a giant household. It doesn’t matter, because everyone in your home (whether they voice it or not) cares about the cleanliness of their surroundings. In fact, some don’t realize that a dirty room or dishes in the kitchen bother them as much as they share. There are even emotional and physical benefits. A clean and tidy space will encourage creativity and happiness. It means that bugs won’t cultivate in the air and stains won’t stick around. Don’t go overboard, but take pride in your surroundings.

Get outside

So, you don’t have a giant backyard and the weather is a little bit cooler. That doesn’t matter, it’s time to get creative. Take a walk around the block or cultivate what little landscaping you have. Here’s another area where if you spend time, you reap the benefits. You get fresh air, sometimes just to yourself and some vitamin D, depending on if the sun comes out to play.

Keep a positive attitude

This might sound like the most out-of-the-box for this topic, and it might also sound like the most difficult sometimes. It’s easy to feel boxed in, bored, frustrated or sad. And we understand all of these emotions. Not only can they be unnecessarily overwhelming, but they’re also not helpful. If you’re staying at home for a while, think about all of the projects you’ve been meaning to accomplish. Think about all of the relatives or friends that you’ve been thinking about reaching out to for far too long. We’re not saying that you need to dive in immediately and train for a marathon/learn an instrument/contact all of your great aunts and become a master chef, but we are suggesting that you give yourself activities (and rewards!) to look forward to. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can always turn to the multitude of online resources as well.

Bottom line, we’ve got this. The Valley Windows community is a community for a reason. We’re here for whatever questions, comments and thoughts that you may have. And we can’t wait to work with you on your next dream project.