Technology and Home Security

Technology and Home SecurityRemember when home security was as simple as turning a key in the door and calling it a day? It felt easy, but there were a lot of problems and challenges as well… namely – security. That’s’ why, over the years, there have been so many evolving updates. You’re probably wondering why this information would be found on a site like the Valley Windows blog. But, how else would we be such experts in providing our customers with a better view, without doing all of the research possible about windows and doors? We’re sure that it’s possible, but it’s definitely done best when you commit to learning everything you possibly can… and then sharing the information with your customers.

Doors and security systems go hand-in-hand. Windows and security systems go hand-in-hand. Hence, this post. Let’s take a look at some of the most technologically driven home security systems that are out on the market right now:

ADT Pulse

This is ADT’s automation system for home and for business. It’s a one-stop shop, combining security with automation features that set you up for success by helping you manage, monitor and modify your home from pretty much anywhere. It’s easy to use, which is a big draw for many new and current homeowners. There’s also an interactive home touchscreen that is easy to use, even on your phone or tablet.

Vivint Smart Home

While ADT Pulse can be a one-stop shop, the Vivint Smart Home suite appeals to those who want to choose from a range of products, depending on their needs. Cameras? Yes. In fact, they have them for your doorbell, your outdoor and even a “ping” option. Smart locks are one of their most popular products, because they take the stress out of leaving your home each day. The biggest draw is the 24/7 monitoring and support that owners receive from the Vivint team.

Frontpoint Smart Home

In a similar vein, Frontpoint knows that no two of their customers are the same. Everyone needs his or her own solution. Maybe you have a smaller home, but it’s on a busy street with a lot of traffic. Maybe you have a large home with many valuables in a specific area of the home that you want to have extra scrutiny on. Regardless of your need, there most likely is a product here that will work for you and alleviate the stress.

All of these are great options and there are so many more out there, but technology is only one piece of the puzzle. We tend to depend on it solely, but common sense and great architecture are two other elements that are necessary. The great architecture is easy, have you seen the different options of the products that we have, right here, on the Valley Windows site? There are choices aplenty. Common sense can be slightly more difficult for some, so we’ll start with the baby steps… lock up your home, lock up your valuables, lower curtains or blinds for your street-facing windows if you’re looking for more privacy. We’ll go from there!