The Valley Windows Difference

Timber Sliding WindowWelcome back to the Valley Windows blog! We’re thrilled to have you here and share with you our love of all things windows. We’re lucky to live in such a thriving metropolis of options, where our customers have a variety of vendors and companies to choose from. We appreciate the competitive nature of the industry and have had some of our biggest learnings, thanks to others in the market. But we also know that when you work with Valley Windows, you’re going to leave with a better view. There are a few things that set the Valley Windows team apart from the rest of the pack, and that’s what today’s blog post will focus on.

The ethos of all that we do is that we have a different view on windows and doors. This is thanks to decades of experience in the industry, honing and finessing our craft. It’s thanks to weekends away at industry conferences. It’s thanks to hours of passionate conversation, just within our team. And it’s thanks to the homework that we do after hours and on the weekends, scoping out new products and learning new processes to give you the best view possible.

The first piece of this is our use of quality, sustainable materials. We don’t believe in going the bare minimum, and we don’t believe in cutting corners. Unless, of course, we’re designing custom windows where corners are a vital aesthetic element! Every material that we use is AS2047 compliant. This means maximum quality, keeping costs down as much as possible for our architects and our customers. As you may imagine, there is an extensive list of accreditations and strict testing that the materials must go through. They range from fire retardant to energy efficient. We believe that there’s a right product for every situation and that our products and solutions are as unique as the homes and customers that we work with.

Next up – the highest level of customer service that we can supply. We don’t believe that the relationship stops when our work with you is done. Instead, we want to provide you advice before, during and after the installation process is complete. We want you to feel comfortable asking questions and learning about the process and the materials that we use. When you have the right knowledge, you’re more comfortable about the work ahead and feel like you had a better hand in the creative process. That’s incredibly important to the Valley Windows team.

A subset of both of the above is the speed and quality with which the craftsmanship is completed. We bring the table the most premium levels of craftsmanship, again thanks to our vast learnings and the time that we’ve put in doing the hard work. We offer reliable and responsive service so that you have a better view, sooner.

Questions? Comments? Let us know. We know that the Valley Windows team would love to hear from you because we have a different view on windows and on doors.