Things to Consider When Choosing a Front Door

Things to Consider When Choosing a Front DoorThe front door of your home is one of the first things guests see when visiting. Your door is the gateway to your home, and you can use it to showcase your personal style. There are many things to consider when choosing a front door, like size, design and material. In this post, we discuss what to consider when picking the right front door for your home.

Choosing the Size of Your Door

There are not that many variants in front door sizes. That means you shouldn’t have trouble finding the design you want in the size that works for your entrance. The standard front door in Australia has 2040mm in height and 820mm in width. While this is the most commonly used size, you should choose the door based on the size of your entryway and your personal budget.

What is a Sidelight?

If the entryway is large, consider a double door or a sidelight with the standard size door. A sidelight is a narrow vertical window on either one or both sides of the front door that can allow more natural light to enter your home. There are two main types of sidelights. Full light sidelights allow most of the light to pass through, while craftsman light sidelights feature smaller glass panes for more privacy.

Aesthetics and Design

Choosing the right design style for your front door can also enable you to showcase your artistic flair. Here are a few front door designs to consider:

Craftsman Doors

Craftsman doors are one of the most popular types of front doors on the current market. They are easily recognizable due to the raised panels in the middle of the door frame and the glass panels on top.

Ornate Doors

Ornate doors feature decorative glass on the door frame, making them 75% glass. Their unique look makes them perfect for colonial and farmhouse home aesthetics.

Solid Doors

Solid doors are simple and practical. They don’t have any glass panels, so they provide maximum privacy and security.

Durability and Material Types

Your front door must be tough enough to withstand rainy weather and would-be intruders, so choosing the proper material is the key. Wood doors are the priciest option, but they are also super strong. However, wood is prone to warping, so it might not be the best solution for humid climates.

Fibreglass doors are a more durable and affordable alternative. They also have an inner layer of insulation foam and can thus help to maintain the temperature level in your home. One of the best material options in terms of both durability and security is aluminium. Aluminium doors are also energy efficient, environmentally friendly and highly versatile.

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