Timeless Window Designs: Diamond Lattice Windows

Timeless Window Designs Diamond Lattice WindowsWindows are one of the most expressive elements of a building’s facade. They add personality, style and function to any building. One of the best ways to upgrade the look of your home is to invest in custom windows. They can be unique, high-performing and evocative of classic trends in art and architecture.

Diamond lattice windows are a fabulous example of a unique window design. They offer a timeless look that is both classic and modern. In this post, we take a closer look at what they are.

A Brief History of Diamond Lattice Windows

Lattice windows refer to windows with multiple small glass panes encased in the framing. The main reason lattice windows were popular in the past was that glassmakers did not yet have the technology to make large sheets of glass.

There are many options for creating a pattern with metal or wood bars holding the lattice. As their name suggests, diamond lattice windows feature a diamond-shaped design created by the bars holding the glass panels. Diamond-shaped lattice windows are sometimes referred to as lozenge windows and started appearing as defining details of Gothic architecture and the Tudor period.

The Anatomy of Diamond Lattice Windows

Diamond lattice windows have different features from modern windows. Here is a quick breakdown of their custom components.


Lights or quarrels are the individual glass panels held together by wooden, metal bars or lead cames.

Lead Cames

Similar to lead used in stained glass, lead cames can be found in diamond lattice windows, and they join the different pieces of glass together. If you are passionate about history, you can get the same window type from a custom window manufacturer.

Wood Glazing

Wood glazing bars, or muntins, are narrow pieces of wood that hold the quarrels together.

Are Lattice Windows Expensive?

The cost of lattice windows increases as the pattern gets more complex. A diamond shape is relatively simple because it contains simple straight lines. However, the glass sheets must be cut at precise dimensions and not follow a standard square or rectangular shape.

Other factors that will influence the price are the finish of the windows. Timber windows might be more expensive than aluminium ones, for instance. If you add modern fenestration, like double-glazed windows, UV-filter films or security glass, the price will also increase further.

Types of Homes with Diamond Lattice Windows

Diamond lattice windows fit many classic architectural styles, from Tudor to Victorian architecture. Consult a designer or an architect to see if you can incorporate diamond lattice windows into your home design.

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