What are Transom Windows and Should You Use Them?

What are Transom Windows and Should You Use Them?If you’re looking to remodel your home or are planning to design and build a custom home, an important aspect that you should definitely take into consideration is your doors and windows. Not only are these fixtures important for the functionality of the house, they can also greatly impact the overall look and aesthetic appeal of the home. In this post, we take a closer look at transom windows to find out what exactly they are so you can make a more well-informed decision on whether to incorporate them into your home.

What are Transom Windows?

Transom windows refer to small, decorative windows that are typically installed above or beside doors or larger windows. For instance, they may be installed above the main door of a home at the entryway. Because they are relatively small, they are usually fixed in place and cannot be opened. Thus, their function is typically more decorative in nature, although they can also allow for more natural light to enter a home. They can come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, although rectangular and semi-circular designs are the most common and popular.

Different Types of Transom Windows

There are several types of transom windows that you might commonly encounter, including:

  • Fixed Transom Windows: These typically have clear glass panes that cannot be opened or closed, with their primary purpose being to let in additional natural light.
  • Decorative Transom Windows: For greater aesthetic appeal, decorative transom windows that have stained glass panes, intricate designs or even unique shapes might be installed.
  • Operable Transom Windows: Operable transom windows typically feature a hinge on either the top or the bottom of the window and can be opened to allow for additional ventilation.

Benefits of Transom Windows

Some of the many benefits of transom windows include:

  • Natural Light: Transom windows can increase the amount of natural that you are able to enjoy at home without compromising on your privacy or security given their typical placement above doors and other windows.
  • Space Maximisation: Transom windows can help you maximise your space as they do not take up too much wall space. Additionally, the wall space above doors and windows is also typically unused, so transom windows can be an efficient use of those spaces.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Transom windows are immediately visible from the outside of a home and can help to create a good first impression for visitors and neighbours, raising the curb appeal of your property.

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