Trellis 101 – What you Need to Know

Trellis 101We love a good trellis here at the Valley Windows team. We love anything that can help enhance the decoration of the exterior of your home, drawing attention to the custom windows and doors that we put so much love and attention into. It’s a general question we get all the time – how can I bolster my curb appeal and also add personal touches to my property that make me excited to see it whenever I leave or come home?

There are many detailed answers we can give to that question, so know that if you ask… you’re going to get them. We just picked one for the day. The trellis.

Let’s start with what it is. A trellis is a very simple garden structure that allows plants to grow vertically, versus on the ground. By design (and there are many), it has an open framework, which is what allows the plants on your property to breathe and grow.

Homeowners choose them for many different reasons. When you install a trellis, it’s a wonderful accent piece, it can be especially beneficial to different types of plants, vegetables, and fruit, and many don’t realize that it can help with privacy for your yard.

There are many different styles that you can look at. They include:

  • Lattice (the most common and probably the one that you’ll see the most)
  • Arched
  • Expanding (a great way to create a divider in any area of your property, especially if you have pets)
  • Gothic
  • Folding (The perfect starting trellis, or a great one for someone who just needs it for a short amount of time. When a season or need is over, you can pack it up and store it.)
  • Fan
  • Wall-mounted

Some of these also work very well inside, like the Gothic or the Folding. There are also those that you’ll find that are specific to different types of plants, vegetables, and fruits. Rose trellises can be a beautiful addition – but these most likely belong outside, so that your roses can get the sunlight they need. Tomato trellises are great because you’re able to successfully monitor the progress of the tomatoes at a glance and know exactly when to prune or how to save some.

When you choose a trellis, think about the multitude of benefits. You’re going to have greater success with insects and pets and you’re creating a lot more space for yourself in your yard to socialize, entertain or just relax. Just make sure that you’re thinking through the location and what you’re growing. When it comes to location, you definitely don’t want to have it in an area that sees a lot of wind. You want to ensure that it’s nearby to a water source, in case your area doesn’t see a lot of natural rainfall, and you want to make sure that whatever you’re planting or growing on the trellis doesn’t compete with other plants around it (e.g., sunlight, space in the soil, etc.).

As with anything, if you have any questions about ways to improve your home – inside or out, the Valley Windows team is here. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a better view – inside and out.