Trends in Commercial Windows Right Now

Trends in Commercial Windows Right NowValley Windows and our teamwork with all sorts of different customers – both residential and commercial. We treat every individual customer in as a unique way as their property, so we’re equipped to answer all of your questions. Is it a new house? Is it an old house? Is it large or small? What are your goals? Believe us, we have an exhaustive list of the right questions to ask. You won’t be able to stump us; our experience in the industry has taught us to find all sorts of great answers that our competitors may not have even thought of.

That’s just residential and that brings us to today’s topic – commercial windows. Many are surprised until they visit our site that this is another area of expertise in which we excel. Separately, we know that windows in commercial buildings and the businesses that we work with will have completely different needs. Here are some tips and trends that we try to keep in mind, especially right now.

The first is less than exciting but is also the most necessary. We’re incredibly well-versed in building codes and have spent a significant amount of time building really valuable relationships with key contacts. This helps you immediately cut through a lot of red tape when it comes to processes, which can otherwise take weeks, months and sometimes up to a year.

Now on to the trends. This may come as no surprise, but safety and security are the number one trend and will continue to be so, year after year. You’re working or spending time in areas that have a lot less privacy, meaning that anyone can intrude at any time. We’re learned this over the years and that’s why we add so many window options that are double-paned, extra insulated, or simply designed with materials that will keep you safe and secure.

We’re also noticing a trend in windows that are easy to install, easy to operate, easy to repair and easy to adjust. While we love working with and spending time with our customers, we love it more when we empower you to be able to take care of your own windows without giving us a call or sending us an email. Again, we have many different options that help support this goal and we also continue to pursue conversations where we customize windows just for you and your needs.

Finally, let’s talk about style. You’re going to want to be strategic about your business or commercial space. Is it retail? You’re going to automatically want floor-to-ceiling, so you can show off your merchandise. If you live in a beautiful area and you’re up high, the same is going to be true, so you can enjoy looking outside at the views, instead of boring walls.

Ultimately, the sky is the limit (see above for the intended joke). Just make sure that you do your homework (cough, cough, call Valley Windows) and we’ll bring the best view to you.