Updates on Window Advice for Home Offices

Updates on Window Advice for Home OfficesHome offices can be a blessing and a curse. You’re removing the obstacle of extensive (or hopefully not so extensive) commutes, you’re ensuring *slightly more* work-life balance, and you have more control over what works for you as far as design. These are all great benefits, especially in the last year or two. On the other side, we’re guessing that that whole “work-life balance” does involve some semblance of household life – no matter if you have a giant family or if you live alone and there’s construction outside that you have no control over. It doesn’t matter. We’ve talked about it before, and we’ll talk about it again. The Valley Windows team is well-versed in giving you a better view and that doesn’t pertain to any particular room. Rather, we enjoy visiting your home for the first time, or even seeing you over the phone, and ensuring that we’re providing the best solution.

The best windows for home offices is a subjective subject because all of our current and prospective clients have different needs. We work with designers who need all the natural light in the world, and we work with those that like a certain amount of window-space and light but will most likely draw the curtains during the workday. Either way and all ways in-between, we have your back and will come up with the best product for you. Here are our thoughts:

  • Any home office where you’re spending more than a few hours needs light. It’s good for you physically, it’s good for you mentally and different studies have shown that it will actually improve the quality of work that you’re producing.
  • Think about the direction that your home is facing. You certainly don’t want a tonne of natural light shining directly at you when you’re sitting at your desk or work environment. This is easily avoidable and actually a fun exercise to determine where you should place different pieces of your home office to avoid any glare. Of note, the sun will move throughout the day. We recommend that any windows you install are those that capitalize on either really early sun, really late (and beautiful) sunsets or those that take advantage of sun in the middle of the day, high above you.
  • There’s nothing wrong – in fact, there’s everything right – with feeling inspired about how you decorate these windows. More science has proven that plants around your workspace can be a great generator of the best ideas (…pauses to stare at plants adjacent to this screen, willing them to give us the next million-dollar idea…). Have some fun! If you’re spending a significant amount of time in your home working-space, you should feel encouraged to do your best work. Decorations, drapes, the aforementioned plants, the Valley Windows team thinks that all of these are a great idea.

Questions on any of the above? Let us know. We love helping design beautiful spaces for you and your household.