How the Valley Windows Team Celebrates the Holidays

How the Valley Windows Team Celebrates the HolidaysThe time flew by, even just in the past couple of weeks. Isn’t it funny how the holidays just seem to disappear even more quickly year after year? Before we take some time with family and loved ones, we wanted to share our favourite ways to celebrate a holiday that is near and dear to many of the Valley Windows’ team’s hearts.

First things first, however. The Valley Windows team is so thrilled that you’ve spent the year with us, both on projects and right here on the blog. This year has only been as amazing as it has been, because of you. So, let’s all celebrate together! If you have fun family traditions, we’d love to hear all about them. (And maybe even garner a little inspiration for future years to come). You can phone us, you can email us, you can come see us in person. And yes, while we have you, we will definitely geek out on the work that helps us give you and yours a better view through premium windows and doors.

What are our best tips to maximize the holiday fun? Here are some of our most top-line ways to keep everyone happy and full:

Ask in advance if anyone has dietary needs

Maybe Aunt Mabel decided to be gluten-free this year. Both she and the cook will feel slightly uncomfortable when she can’t or won’t enjoy the feast that you slaved over all day. Conversely, if you have dietary needs or requests, don’t feel bad about sharing them. This is a day for being together, and that’s really all that matters.

Relish traditions

The best holiday recipes can be ones that have been in the family for generations. They can also be brand new additions when you’re feeling creative about adding something to the roster. Cook together and you’ll cherish those memories always.

Drink safely

If drinking is taking place, make sure that you have enough on hand and safe ways for everyone to get home. Celebrations tend to bring out both the best and the worst in people. If alcohol is involved, you know that any situation could be amplified, but when enjoyed safely, you can only amp up the festivity.

Don’t wait until the last minute

There’s an irony here, given that this is being posted after Christmas, but that doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop. We hope that you got all your presents and planning in order in advance of the big day, but if you didn’t…. there’s always next year.

Clean up and give back

It’s so easy to discount the amount of waste that we create every year and there are an increasing number of ways that you can avoid having to throw out wrapping paper or leftover food. We’ve referenced organizations in the past, but it never hurts to do a Google search if you’re looking for an organization or company that supports a cause that you’re passionate about.

Happy holidays, all. And thank you for choosing Valley Windows.