Valley Windows Timber Doors

Timber Bi-fold DoorsWe owe an apology. It’s not necessarily to you as readers, and it’s not to our team; it’s not to the industry at large or our valued community of customers – it’s to the entire range of products that we’ve let fall by the wayside in the blog that we’ve grown so proud of. Even our name is deceptive, highlighting a huge (and vital) piece of our business model, but by no means the entire thing. We’re speaking… of our aluminium and timber doors. Yes, we’ve touched on them on the past on our blog, and you can certainly peruse the extensive inventory that we have on our site, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve given them the credit that they deserve for being a vital part of turning a house into a home.

If you’re newer to the blog (well, you couldn’t have stopped by at a better time!) – welcome! The team at Valley Windows prides ourselves on knowing that arming you with the information that you need and deserve will help you make all of the right decisions related to one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. Hence, our blog. Check back in on a regular basis to learn not only about our products and team, but the way we fit into the bigger pictures of home construction, interior design, landscaping and more.

So, while we’ve briefly mentioned our extensive range of doors in the past… it’s time for a refresher. Here are some of our many favourites: (…and that’s a hard decision, it’s like picking a favourite child!)

Timber Bifold Doors

In today’s post, we’re focusing on timber. As you may or may not know, looking through our site, we tend to focus on timber and aluminium. Both have a lot of benefits for many different styles of homes. Timber Bi-fold doors are great on both the front of your house and the rear, heading out to whatever yard you have. You can configure them in so many different ways, with anywhere from two to eight panels. Operations are seamless and low-maintenance. We’re talking about top hung roller operation, so there’s less weight on the sill. No need to be frustrated and slamming doors, these slide easily.

Timber Hinged Doors

Another popular choice in the timber field is the hinged door. Sounds straight-forward enough, doesn’t it? Well, that’s the beauty of it. It’s simple, goes with every architectural style and is quick and easy to install. It’s available in a few different styles, whether you want it to open in or out. You can also explore flydoors if that’s more appealing to you. Insider knowledge – if you live in an area that’s susceptible to rain, we recommend open out frames. You can learn more about these doors here.

We know that we just touched the peak of the iceberg, so to speak, but that’s just our way to ensure that you come back for more. Stay tuned for our next post, when we dive into aluminium doors and how they might just work for you.