The Value of Shutters on Windows

The Value of Shutters on WindowsWhile the name of our business is Valley Windows, the name of our success is knowing the piece that quality windows play in the puzzle of a successful house. We say that we offer you “a better view” because of our longstanding tradition of doing our research and having a passion for knowing that our premium windows and doors are one of the best reasons why your house is the place that you call home. But, the window is just the beginning. Some might say that the shutters are the frame on the picture. And, they’re right. But, only if you do it right.

Luckily, for you, the Valley Windows team stood up a blog. We stood it up with multiple intents – one of which being that we want to share as much information as possible with our base of customers. Another of which is to ensure that we never become complacent and that we continue to learn and grow as a company. So, we gather around the water cooler and have all of the regular conversations that you would assume would take place at a company like this. And that’s why, today, we’re talking about window shutters.

Like the title of this post says, they’re pretty darn valuable if they’re done right. The easiest win is that they add automatic curb appeal, no matter what they look like. We’re not just talking about exterior curb appeal, but interior as well. The reason being is that they can easily replace curtains or shades and help out with insulation and light as well. Many even forget that they can save you money – offering things like energy efficiencies and even federal trade credits. We know that that’s not a fun topic to research, so we did the research for you. But not every possible example of a shutter qualifies. See available products that qualify for Energy Tax Credit here.

Next comes the step of determining what sort of shutter you may or may not want to explore. Stay tuned for details… (how else are we going to keep you coming back), but we’ll give you a teaser today:

(Heads up, they’ve got some fun names!)

1. Sunburst Shutters – they even look like a sunburst. Here’s a fun video.

2. Bi-fold Shutters – they’re a great way to allow in sun if and when you want it. Check out this link for more information.

3. Inside Mount Shutters – not looking to mount on the outside, this might be your best option. Here are some images and options.

4. Outside Mount Shutters – on the reverse, these are easy to put on the outside and can be great about keeping Mother Nature away. More information here.

5. Bay Window Shutters – bay windows can be a huge draw for curb appeal. Looking to see what they look like? Look no further! (Say “look” ten times fast).

6. Interior Shutters – interior shutters can be a range of things, and this site will help you find what works best for you.