Welcome to the Valley Windows Blog!

Glen Forbes Aluminium Windows - Valley WindowsHello! We’re so glad that you’ve decided to stop by the Valley Windows Website, and more specifically – our blog. For 35 years, Valley Windows has been bringing the best views to our customers. We believe that there are several things which set us apart from the competition and those will be evident in the sort of content that you’ll find on this blog.

So, what can you expect from us? You can expect that we’ll have a different view on windows and doors. We believe in only using quality sustainable materials, we believe in applying the highest standard of craftsmanship, we believe in providing advice to you once we have truly understood your view, and we believe in delivering reliable, responsive service to enable you to have a better view sooner. All of our windows and doors are manufactured in Victoria and they’re designed to the exact specifications that the best architects, home renovators and custom builders in the area expect.

We believe that windows bring buildings to life and we want to bring the same experience to you. We’re the industry leaders in design and innovation, both set us apart from the competition. While we feel fortunate enough to be in such a competitive industry, we know that you’ll be able to tell the Valley Windows difference. You’ll be able to quickly tell how passionate we are about this and have been since we were first founded in 1983.

What can you expect from this blog? You can expect the same personality, the same level of knowledge and the same commitment to customer service that you’d receive in real life and in working with us. We’ll feature a bunch of different types of content and we’ll always keep a feedback loop open for you to contribute your thoughts. Our number one asset is our community of customers and we value each of you. We know that you have other options in the area, and we’re glad that you’ve taken the time to learn the ways that Valley Windows bring you the best view.

There are a few areas of knowledge and types of posts that you’ll be sure to find here on a regular basis. You’ll always be the first to know if a Valley Windows special promotion is going on, if one of our premium products is on sale or shifting slightly based on inventory. This is your first stop if you’d like to learn about our different products, what makes them special and different. You’ll learn what product makes the most sense for you, through insider industry fun facts. Beyond that, we know that a Valley Windows product is what bring a house to life, so we’ll certainly cover more broad aspects of home renovations as well.

We mentioned a customer feedback loop and we meant it. Please reach out to us with any questions or comments that you have. We’d love to hear from you.