What to do When Your Window Breaks

What to do When Your Window BreaksWindows breaking – not fun, right? It can happen for so many different reasons. It can happen because you haven’t been properly monitoring your windows. It can happen because you haven’t been treating your windows with respect. Either way, the Valley Windows team is here to help you with a better view and any sort of support possible.

First up, why do you windows break? There are an abundance of reasons, but here are some of the main ones:

  • If there is a quick change in weather between hot and cold or an unexpected surge of moisture, that can have a quick and obvious effect on your windows on doors, including breaking them or worse.
  • Old homes. Not your fault, but if you’re purchasing a home that is older than 10 or 15 years, you’re going to run into a variety of challenges and extra thin or extra thick window glass is definitely one of them. Here’s the easiest solve – reach out to the Valley Windows team. We’ve seen every sort of window and door and you won’t be able to stump us with styles. Here’s a hint for our valued prospective and current customers, you just need to monitor these windows regularly.
  • It’s so easy to say, “hey, something happened to that window, but I’m over it – I’ll deal with it later.” Don’t get us wrong, we understand, but we also need to be the smart people in the room, because we consider ourselves the experts related to anything windows and doors.

So, what do you do when your window breaks? First of all, don’t panic. Everything is fixable. It’s just very important to work with contractors that you trust. (Cough, cough…) Here are the steps that we’d recommend:

1. Take a deep breath. Like we mentioned above, everything is fixable and solvable, we kind of consider it our business.

2. Take the time to reach out to the right contractors in your area. While we do consider ourselves the best, we also think that you should do your homework. When you do, you’ll feel even more confident that you made the right decision and that you know exactly what’s going to take place in the work ahead.

3. Clean up the debris. This may seem obvious, but there are certain elements that many forget about. Yes, you need to clear the ground, but you also need to take a very close look at where the damage has occurred, and as the weather is getting colder, you probably want to tape up the window as you’re able. Even beyond that, you want to prepare the area for any work that’s going to need to be done – both indoors and potentially outdoors. It’s not something to worry about or time-intensive. You got this.

Bottom line, as with any of our posts – work with the experts on things like this, we got you.