What If…?

what if

Loaded question, eh? Seeing the subject line of this blog post, you’re probably enthralled with what the content of a post like this could be. Are we learning about the evolution of the universe? The future of the internet? What the team at Valley Windows would have gotten into, if we hadn’t have decided that giving our valued base of customers a better view was our dream? Phew… it’s a lot to think about. Let’s tackle the last question first. Don’t worry – we knew that it was the most important to focus on our mission and we will continue to feel the same way.

That aside, it was really important to set up this blog as an extension for our passion around windows and doors. Pieces of that are history and future. Where will we go in the entire industry of home design – including landscaping, interior design and construction? What got us to the place that we are today? These are the most valid questions and today, they’re the focus of our blog. Read on for more information:

What if we never discovered glass?

Well, readers, our windows would probably be open-air. The functional purpose of windows was ventilation, and that’s why windows were literally holes in structures, way back in the day. That being said, we’re so proud to see the evolution of windows and know that “ventilation” really started to mean materials like our premium glass over time.

What if we thought windows weren’t necessary?

We’d be silly, right? But think about the lecture and other rooms that we’ve been in, where natural light simply hasn’t been a thing. We all complain about these experiences, and we do it for good reason. Natural light provides so many emotional benefits that we consider to be obvious these days, but the truth is, a lot of science went into the decision to make windows as large and supportive to home design as possible.

What if we thought windows would become obsolete?

We know that this question itself sounds obsolete based on the above, but we mentioned that we look at both the future and the past. You can’t have one without the other and one can’t be successful without the other. So, first our shirt answer… windows will never become obsolete. You can read about their scientific benefits, you can learn about curb appeal, it doesn’t matter – you can see within about five seconds that windows aren’t going anywhere.

The more important question is around the direction in which they’re going and Valley Windows plays a pivotal role in this. Visit one of our showrooms to see the evolution of one of the most important products around. But wait… there’s more… doors. Dramatic, but check back in on a regular basis to learn about both fundamental facets of your dream home.

Questions? Comments? Give us a shout! The Valley Windows team would love to know!