What to Put on Your Window Sills

What to Put on Your Window SillsThe Valley Window team gets a lot of questions about window sills. They’re a piece of your real estate which can prove a huge puzzle. If you’re a minimalist, you probably want to keep them as empty as possible. If you’re someone who has amassed a large variety of collectibles, you’ll want them on display as much as possible. Because the Valley Windows team is dedicated to giving you a better view, that most definitely includes providing our best insight into either amplifying one of the above ideals or finding that happy medium. You can always depend on the Valley Windows team to be your support in information. Even if you don’t find it on the site or here on the blog, you can pick up the phone or email us, anytime. But for now, to pique your interest about window sills, read on for some fun inspiration:

  • Additional seating. This one might come as a surprise, especially as we’re sharing as first on the list, but a window sill can easily be expanded into a window seat, which many believe is one of the most relaxing places to unwind. You’re comfortable and you get to enjoy both the inside and an immediate view of the outside.
  • Greenery can have so many different definitions. Maybe you’re a succulent fan and maybe you’re someone that always needs to have fresh flowers around. Again – something with so many benefits, especially if they smell as good as they look. This is equally a functional recommendation since they’ll get the proper amounts of sunlight that they need to thrive.
  • An area to work. This one may be dependent on the size of your window sill, but if its large enough, or if there are few other spots around your home to work right now, this may be a great area to build out for a home office. You won’t need much, especially if you have easy access to electricity nearby.
  • Family treasures or memorabilia. This is one where you want to be careful, because you don’t want to place these in windows where passersby with ill intentions might want to make them their family treasures. But if you have more private window sills, or those that face the rear of your property, having important items from your family can be a constant reminder to smile and remember what’s important to you. This can be anything from something that’s been passed down through generations or a simple picture frame with a photo that will always make you laugh and think about that memory.
  • Window boxes. This goes back to plants and greenery, but if you’re someone who doesn’t want a tonne of different planters or pots that you need to dust around, a window box can be a great solution. This is also an opportunity to see which plants work with each other or even explore planting herbs that you can use in the kitchen.

Questions? Let the Valley Windows team know.