When to Keep Your Windows Open and Closed

When to Keep Your Windows Open and ClosedChanges of seasons can be a very odd thing. Some people love it. They have a favourite and they can’t wait to see its arrival. Others have a least favourite and can’t wait to see it leave. And then there are those that don’t particularly care, they just want to be properly prepared, no matter what the outdoors looks like. Here at Valley Windows, we wouldn’t necessarily put ourselves in any of the above. In fact, we’d start our own category – wherein we see the beauty of each time of the year, and we KNOW how to keep you ready to go. How else do you think we got to where we can be the best in the business, offering you a better view? It took hard work, that’s for sure. And it encouraged us to start initiatives like this blog – the best place for you to get said advice! It’s a passion project for us, and we hope that it makes you passionate about living your best lives at home.

Back to that whole “seasons” thing. A new one is almost upon us. And you’ve probably been keeping your windows closed all winter long. There’s nothing wrong with that, and we’ll explain why. But, there are also benefits to opening your windows, now that Mother Nature has decreed it appropriate. Here are our recommendations:

Why you should keep your windows open?

Here is camp one, and like we said – there are no right or wrong answers here. When you keep your windows open, depending on where you live, you eliminate the need for things like heating or central air conditioning. You reap the benefits of fresh air and sunlight, like Vitamin D, which is necessary to improve your mood and can have long term health benefits. All of these benefits will obviously be weather contingent. Each of the Valley Windows products are designed to keep these in mind, AND to be flexible, should inclement weather come calling.

Why you should keep your windows closed?

Like we said, there are two sides to every coin. Our business is designed to be that way, because we want to cater to your every need. There is a lot to be said about keeping your windows closed, no matter what the weather is. The first element is safety. If you’re not home all day, you don’t want to have the fear that your windows are open and any prowler could stop by. As mentioned above, you really shouldn’t have to worry about this with Valley Windows products, because we really do think of everything. Now, we covered the win for those that don’t have or want to use their air conditioning or heating, but if you do have it and are using it – we highly recommend that you keep your windows closed. Otherwise, you’re just invoking high – and frankly unnecessary – bills, each and every month. Obviously, you should keep your windows closed during the winter. During this time, we recommend that you reach out to us to discuss options for blinds, so that you have the utmost safety, security and warmth.

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