When it Makes Sense to DIY

When it Makes Sense to DIYIt may seem like an interesting concept. Why would a company that’s dedicated to windows and doors be pushing you to manage your own projects? After all, we know what we’re doing (and then some). That’s thanks to decades of experience, the very best teammates possible, and a continued drive to improve and enhance our business model. That’s what you can expect at Valley Windows, as well as platforms like this blog, that can aid and abet knowledge about your homes. Quality windows and doors are a piece of the puzzle of the perfect home but empowering our customers to know how to make the right decisions for them is just as important.

Today, we’re talking about DIY, and the ways that you can leverage your own personal skillset to improve your home.

Here are some qualifications to think through:

1. Do you have the time to do it and do it right? We write (right – pun intended) about this all of the time. It’s great to have grandiose visions about the projects that you want to complete. But sometimes, doing it poorly is worse than not doing it at all. Think through your schedule for the next six months, always allowing padding time for whatever timeline you’ve been given by a contractor.

2. Do you have the money to do it and do it right? Yes, we repeated this phrase on purpose. Have you planned funds for not only the project itself, but any lost costs based on your time and your schedule? If you’re missing out on hours of work and the income associated, you’ll want to factor that into your budget.

3. Do you have clear expectations and a realistic vision about the end result? We’ll say this over and over again, the Pinterest age of internet can be so detrimental to inspiration and to dashed hopes if a project doesn’t turn out exactly as you’d like. It’s easy to google the Pinterest fails of the internet and sometimes it’s nowhere near the fault of whoever is embarking on the project. That’s why we think an emotional mindset is important before any work is started. Know the baseline of what you’d be most comfortable with completing and never be disappointed in yourself or others involved if you fall short of your ideal state. You did the work and that’s something to be proud of!

4. Do you have the proper resources and materials? Don’t shirk here. If it’s a question of paying slightly more for the most durable and aesthetically pleasing, we recommend that you follow this path. If you don’t, and you look at more cost-effective but cheaper looking materials, you may just end up paying more down the road.

These are just your starting point, but the team at Valley Windows has tonnes of additional information that can help set you up for success. Give our team a shout – by phone, email or in -person. We’re ready to help turn your house into a home!