Window Awnings 101

Window Awnings 101Windows are crucial structural elements of our home, and they perform many functions, from practical to aesthetic. Modern windows use advanced technology that can provide impressive benefits for energy saving, temperature and UV control and insulation. You can complement the newest technology with simple solutions that have been around for hundreds of years, such as the humble window awning.

A History of Window Awnings

The concept of awnings is ancient and dates back to when people worldwide had to find solutions to scorching heat or heavy rains. In Greece, the Roman Empire, and Mesopotamia, people would commonly hang woven rugs and canvases over the entrance to provide shelter from the burning sun.

Modern versions of awnings as we know them are much more recent. Domestic use preceded commercial one, but by the end of the 19th century, both stores and homes had awnings. Awnings lost favour once air conditioning became popular, but that is changing as people look for greener ways to heat and cool their homes.

Awnings Then and Now

The first awnings used canvas duck fabric made of cotton or linen. The canvas was solid and provided good protection from the sun. However, natural fibres fade and weaken when under the sun and rain. Modern awnings use synthetic fabrics like polyester, which last much longer and come in a wider colour variety. The most common metal for the frame is powdered aluminium.

Types of Awnings

There are different styles of awnings for home and commercial use. Here are a few main types you can choose from.

Vertical Awnings

Vertical awnings are similar to roller blinds and perform the same tasks. When the sun is shining straight toward your windows, heating the rooms, you can roll down the awnings on that side of the house and get shade instantly.

Fixed Awnings

It’s common to have fixed awnings on the side of your home, which is frequently exposed to sunlight. Fixed awnings are perfect for multiple windows that don’t open towards a place for hanging out.

Retractable Awnings

If you want to control how much shade you let inside the house, install retractable awnings above your windows and doors. They are, by far, the most popular awning type, and you can also put them above a pergola or patio.

Motorised Awnings

For large awnings, motorised awnings are the easiest to use. The most advanced motorised awnings have sensors that detect sunlight, rainfall or wind, opening and closing the cover as needed.

Pairing Your Awnings with Modern Windows

Awnings are affordable and provide shade and weather protection whilst adding to the visual appeal of the building. They also come in different styles and materials that best suit your needs. Pairing awnings with modern windows is a win-win. This can protect your windows and add shade while enhancing your window’s efficiency.

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