Window Cleaning Resin: The Key to Cleaner Windows

Window Cleaning Resin The Key to Cleaner WindowsKeeping your windows clean all year round might be difficult, especially with the unpredictable weather that is common in Australia. The wind brings impurities, dust, and debris with it that can accumulate on your windows, making the glass look dull and streaked.

The best way to maintain your windows is to use the right tools and supplies when cleaning them. Window cleaning resin is one of the secrets professional window cleaners have in their toolbox.

What Exactly Is Window Cleaning Resin?

Window cleaning resin often comes in pellet form and uses ionisation to cause the debris on windows to stick to it. These impurities are then replaced with clean water particles. When used with a water-fed pole, this resin can provide one of the best ways to clean your windows, getting rid of debris and leaving no streaks behind. When used successfully, the result is crystal clear windows without any residue.

Resin Cleaning and Water Fed Poles

Many water-fed poles have a resin tank that contains pellets of window-cleaning resin, filtering normal water before it reaches the glass. It removes impurities that would otherwise appear on your windows when they are dry.

Different Types of Window Resin

There are several types of window cleaning resin on the market that you can choose from when cleaning your windows. Some are better than others but may differ in cost depending on the type you choose.

  • Virgin cleaning resin is the most effective type of resin since it has not been used before. Its polymer particles are free from debris, so this resin will give the best results when you put it in your water-fed pole.
  • Regenerated resin is put through a cleaning process, during which foreign particles are removed. The resin is then recharged with ions that restore its purifying property.
  • Mixed bed resins have acid and base-exchange particles that work together to trigger ionisation.

3 Reasons to Use Window Cleaning Resin

There are more than a few reasons to use a resin cleaning system to clean your windows, including:

  • It is eco-friendly, as no detergents will end up flowing into the soil or nearby water bodies.
  • It leaves the windows sparkly clean, with no streaks or stains.
  • A resin cleaning system is easy to manage and maintain and only needs regular refills of fresh resin.

How Long Does the Window Resin Last?

Some resins change colour once they are fully saturated with impurities, indicating to you that it’s time for a replacement. Other times, you will need to check the resin manufacturer’s recommendation to determine its lifespan.

Typically, you will have to replace or regenerate resin after multiple uses, although the exact frequency of replacement can depend on factors like environmental conditions and the water’s hardness. For example, under typical conditions in Melbourne, you can use a single resin tank for up to 80 hours.

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