Window or Door? You Can Have Both

Glen Forbes AluminiumWhen you design a home, there are many questions that you need to answer, and they range from the most serious to the most trivial. This is an opening line to a Valley Windows blog post that you’ll see rather frequently because we find that so many of our community of customers members visit our site worried very much about their investment in the next chapter of their lives.

You also are probably visiting the Valley Windows site because you want to better view. Don’t worry, we can help with that. Peruse our site and find a plethora of windows and doors that will add value in all sorts of different ways, no matter what your home looks like.

You may be doing a renovation and you may be building a more modern home from the ground up and both of these scenarios lend themselves well to the theme of this post – do you want to buy a door, or do you want to buy a window?

Benefits of windows:

  • Lower maintenance. Sure, you’re opening and closing them, but you won’t have handprints all over them all day long from household members coming and going.
  • Less expensive. This isn’t always the case, but if you’re thinking simply about the cost of materials and the size of what you’re thinking, a window – or even a set of windows – makes far more sense.
  • Safer access to the benefits of outdoors. That’s not to say that the doors we offer or that the industry offers in general aren’t safe, but think about the basics… If you have a door open, you’re potentially allowing in a myriad of concerns like bugs, weather and even intruders. If your home is in a heavily populated area, you should be acutely aware of what makes sense.

Benefits of doors:

  • Here’s the thing… you can actually combine both. (We buried the lead on this one). We work with so many different styles. Check out this Glen Forbes project – can you beat views like that, and should you even try?
  • Traffic and flow of the architecture of the home are also key if you’re making this decision. If you have rooms that need easy access between each other – for example, if you have an atrium in between them, then we’re guessing that you’ll want to install a door so you’re not spending many minutes navigating from one room to the next.
  • Similarly, to the above, having doors versus windows, unless they’re multi-purpose, can add different access points for visitors who are maybe enjoying their time in the backyard or need to enter via the side of the home. In this case, you may be adding an abundance of value to your property without even realizing it and also saving yourself a bit of sanity.

Not sure? Don’t worry – that’s our area of expertise. Reach out to the Valley Windows team with any questions.