What Are Window Grilles and Should You Install Them?

What Are Window Grilles and Should You Install ThemWindow grilles are a common feature that you will encounter in many homes. When buying, building or renovating your home, one of the key considerations that you may face is whether or not to install window grilles. In this post, we take a closer look at what exactly the function of window grilles is, as well as their disadvantages, to help you make a better-informed decision about whether or not to install them.

What Are Window Grilles?

Window grilles can take many different forms, but they are most commonly found in the form of metal bars that are added to windows. They can come in many different designs, including grids, diamonds, lattices and various other more intricate designs. Some of the functions that window grilles can have include:

Aesthetic Appeal

Window grilles can add aesthetic appeal to your windows, especially if you opt for more intricate designs. They are often reminiscent of more traditional architectural styles and can complement the existing stylistic elements of your home’s design.


While they do not completely obscure the view out of a window, window grilles can increase the amount of privacy that you enjoy at home. This is because they can help to break up the image of your home’s interior, making it harder for outsiders to peer into your home from a distance whilst still allowing you to enjoy ample natural light during the day.


Window grilles can also significantly increase the security of your home. A significant proportion of break-ins occur through windows, as they are often the weakest link in a home’s security. However, having grilles on your windows can deter potential burglars and also prevent them from getting past your windows if they are trying to break in.

Disadvantages of Window Grilles

While window grilles may serve many useful functions, it is also important for you to consider their disadvantages before deciding whether or not to install them. Some of the disadvantages of window grilles include:

Maintenance Requirements

Installing window grilles can impose additional cleaning and maintenance requirements. Window grilles often need to be cleaned regularly to prevent them from accumulating dirt and grime. Additionally, grilles made out of certain materials, such as steel, will also require periodic repainting to prevent rust from forming.

Obstructed Views

Window grilles can also obstruct the views that you enjoy from your home. They may also reduce the amount of natural light that you are able to enjoy, so they may not be suitable in a home that relies extensively on natural lighting.

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