The Window Maintenance You Should Take Care of Now

The Window Maintenance You Should Take Care of NowA bit of a foreboding title of a post isn’t this? We don’t mean it to be. Rather, look at it as a friendly reminder on a regular basis provided by the Valley Windows team about the timeliest of maintenance for your windows and doors. After all, providing you with a better view is the name of the game for our company. That doesn’t start and end with the products that we design and install, or even the services that we offer – like our top-notch customer service. No, we really believe in going above and beyond for both our current and prospective customers. And our readers! That’s why we stood up this blog. We began to feel like we were busting at the seams with helpful information, all the time. So, we knew that we needed to share it with you! If you’re brand new to the Valley Windows blog, we recommend that you stop by on a regular basis so you don’t miss out on any of the fun.

Windows are and are not as maintenance intensive as you may think. When you work with the right company – cough, cough, Valley Windows, then a lot of the maintenance and cleaning concerns are taken out of the equation. That said, we don’t want you to think that you can just let your windows and doors be to fend for themselves. You still need to put in a bit of elbow grease from time to time.

General maintenance:

  • Clean them! You can use store-bought products or mix your own vinegar and water mix at home if you’d prefer to go the more natural route. Luckily, we live in the Information Age where you can find dozens of recipes and methods for cleaning online, but we like this walkthrough the best.
  • Make sure that they’re closed during heavy weather, especially wind. It would take a lot of wind to damage a Valley Windows product, but we can’t say the same for all in the industry.
  • Ensure that all of equipment, including cleaning, and accessories are working properly. We’re talking about everything from the gears that help the window swing open and closed to the state of the shutters. You want to close out the year and start a new one, not needing to make any trips to the hardware store. If you see issues, especially if your windows aren’t properly opening or closing, make a list. That way you can figure out which projects to tackle first.
  • Don’t forget your sills and drapes. If you have fabric drapes, they need to be laundered just like regular clothes, bedding and towels, just not as regularly. They can be a hot spot for all sorts of bacteria, so don’t forget to give them some love. Wipe down your window sills as well, moving any books or plants that you have placed there. Again, this is a hotbed for both bacteria and general dust, so get rid of it now.

Questions? Let us know. The Valley Windows team would love to help you out.