Window “Panes” – Part One: What Matters

aluminium sashless double hung windowsTo be honest, when the writer first heard this prompt, the pun went right over her head. This is funny, because the team at Valley Windows has probably heard every joke about windows possible, based on our storied history in the industry. We’re dedicated to bringing you a better view, and while a part of that is materials and craftsmanship, an equally as important part is the camaraderie that we’ve created in our group, based on our passion for what we do. That’s why the work doesn’t start at 9 a.m. and end at 5 p.m. It starts when we wake up and continues late into the night, and a lot of it is conversations between ourselves about how to improve – what’s working and what’s not. That’s why the creation and evolution of this blog seemed so natural. What better way for us to pow wow and share what excites us with our consumers, than this site.

Rant done – we’re glad that you’ve stopped by. If you’re a newer visitor, you can expect a wealth of knowledge, not just about windows and doors, but about every industry that we touch. Some of these are success stories and some are stories of caution. Today… we dig into the latter. Welcome to our post on window… panes.

What doesn’t work when it comes to windows? What should you look to avoid or see as a giant red flag if you’re in the market for a new model or how to maintain your current? There are lots of variations, and some matter and some don’t – especially if you’re looking at a trade-off on quality and cost. That’s why we’re splitting this up into two different posts. We’re starting with the big stuff… the red flags that you truly shouldn’t ignore. Let’s break them down:

What Does Matter:

1. Replacing your current window with the exact same model. Do your research here and ask some questions. There’s a reason that you’re replacing it and it probably isn’t just because it’s seen better days. There are innate issues with the model itself and let’s be honest… you deserve an upgrade! When you talk to an expert, like those at Valley Windows, share your current model of window and ask the best ways to improve.

2. Trying to do it yourself. We get it, do-it-yourself renovation projects can be fun. They can be fun when they’re not imperative to your warmth/cooling and comfort at home. They can be fun when if you make mistakes, there aren’t detrimental mistakes that can only cost you more over time. Don’t risk your time and money here – it’s not worth it.

3. Not maintaining. Windows are a funny thing. If you can see through them, you think that you’re doing just fine. If not, you’re probably only then encouraged to clean or repair. That’s just the tip of the iceberg in this arena. Take care of your windows and they’ll take care of you! That means that beyond your regular cleaning duties around the house, that you should keep a close eye on cracks and insulation.

Stay tuned for what doesn’t REALLY matter, in our next Valley Windows post.