Window Tinting – What do you need to know?

Window Tinting – What do you need to know?When we think about tinted windows, we generally think about cars. We don’t even think about all cars, just the ones where you can’t remotely see inside – especially if it’s a dignitary or a famous celebratory. But guess what, not only is window tinting not just for us, it’s also for your home windows! We talk all the time about the type of posts that we want to ensure are regularly rotated through on the Valley Windows blog, because we find so much value in sharing the information that we know… with you! Today, and though we’ve touched on it in the past, that means window tinting. Let’s learn more:

We’d be remiss if we didn’t start with cars. Owners do it for all sorts of reasons, be it privacy or just the cool and sporty look that it provides. What some forget is that there are additional benefits like keeping the sun’s UV rays out of the car and out of your family and friends’ eyes. Great bonus points here if you’re traveling any sort of distance with children on a sunny day.

It’s not always a guarantee when you purchase a vehicle, and it’s not always a guarantee with any sort of house. That’s great if either comes with tinted windows, but don’t expect it. Instead, make sure to have the conversation with the experts on either end about what your options are.

For cars specifically, there are stipulations about how tinted your windows can be. It’s a percentage based on area, and you definitely want to ensure that you’re adhering to the rules. The last thing you want is to be pulled over or even have someone show up at your door requesting more information about why your windows are so tinted.

Hey, we get it. Especially with homes. The Valley Windows team is in the business of providing a better view, and we do so with our premium windows and doors. That’s why we sit down with you and discuss your needs – and then let you know what’s feasible. We always hate to be the “no people” but we do love to be the people that are on your side during the entire process.

So, why should you tint the windows of your home? We’ve touched on this before, but like we’ve said, privacy is a big factor here. Especially if you have a home that’s not set too far backwards from the street, you most likely don’t want anyone walking by to investigate the social spaces where your household hangs out on regular basis. Not to worry, the Valley Windows team is always on the case. We truly believe that every household, home, and owner that we work with – is unique. And that means the solutions that we provide should be unique. So, give us a call. We can talk through tinting, windows, your home, all of the things. The Valley Windows team is here for you.