Window Trends of 2021

Window Trends of 2021We’ve officially entered the season. The season where you will get to enjoy all of the grateful, motivated, inspired post content possible for the Valley Windows team. We try and restrain ourselves every year, waiting until at least November 1. But there are probably worse problems to have than bursting at the seams and wanting to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of a new one.

We’re thinking we’d be hard pressed to find many who want to hold on to 2020; we’re guessing most of you are racing towards 2021. You’ll get to reset, you’ll get to be excited about new goals and projects, and you’ll get to put this crazy year in the rearview mirror… finally! Like we said, lots to discuss over the next couple of months – looking back and looking forward, but in the spirit of positivity, today… we’re looking forward!

What can you expect in relation to windows and related trends next year? Let’s break it down:


We could write an entire post about windows and technology; in fact, we have. We’ll continue to do so, with a specific lens to 2021, because this is a topic and a trend that’s not going anywhere. This article sums it up perfectly, “Automation and motorization are the perfect opportunities to improve the quality of life, bring comfort to the next level, and take another step into the future.” Automated systems aren’t the exception now, they’re the rule. More manufacturers are helping out with solutions like raf curtains that are installed outside and then controlled remotely and automatic roller shutters.


The buzzwords that you need to know are roller blinds and roman blinds. Minimalism is more popular than ever and both of these styles support that. They have the clean and simple lines that many crave, especially because they end up complimenting so many different architectural styles. When many think of minimalism, they think of lack of colour, but that doesn’t need to be the case with these. They have many textures and colours that mirror nature outside or can highlight key statement pieces that you have in any room.


Shutters are having a bit of a heyday and it seems that that will only continue into the coming year. The beauty is the plethora of styles that are available – everything from neoclassical to retro and even nautical. Enthusiasts love not only the character that they add to any property, but also the dimensions. Today’s versions aren’t just decorative, they’re functional and far easier to control compared to older versions. Both natural wood and more moisture-resistant options are flooding the market. As with any trend that sees cyclical popularity, you can count on options in 2021 to be unique and out of the box, looking at eco-friendly pleats and interesting horizontal or vertical slats.

Stay safe and sane out there, all of our Valley Windows customers. And get excited about 2021. We’re going to continue to bring you the best view through our premium windows and doors… and so much more!