Window Upgrades to Consider for Enhanced Home Security

Window Upgrades to Consider for Enhanced Home SecurityWhile windows can offer numerous practical and aesthetic benefits, they are also often one of the weakest points in the security of your home. Many home break-ins occur as a result of poor window security, especially with windows that are older and more worn out. If the safety of your loved ones is a priority for you, it might be wise to consider improving your home security. In this post, we explore some window upgrades that you can consider to improve the security of your windows and your home overall.

Reinforced Window Glass

There are many different types of reinforced glass that you can consider upgrading your windows with, but they generally serve the same purpose: making it harder for an intruder to break into your home. A popular option amongst homeowners is laminated glass, which contains a polymer layer that holds the glass together in one piece even when it is broken. Another great choice is tempered glass, which has been heat-treated and is about four times as strong as regular glass.

Window Locking Mechanisms

Older windows may not have very sturdy locking mechanisms. Traditional window locks consist simply of a latch or bolt that can usually be easily forced open by a determined intruder. For greater home security, consider upgrading your home’s window locking mechanisms to sturdier alternatives such as window bars, deadbolts, and key-locking handles. These are typically harder to break open forcibly and may delay or deter potential intruders.

Window Sensors and Alarms

As an additional security measure, in addition to enhanced window locking mechanisms, you can also consider installing window sensors and alarms. These will sound when your windows are forced open or broken into. They can give you time to respond to any potential intruders or to contact law enforcement to assist you with apprehending the intruder.

Reinforced Window Frames

Older homes whose windows have not undergone significant renovation or upgrading may also face the issue of relatively weak window frames. This means that even if you were to upgrade the window glass or window locking mechanisms, it might still be easy for a potential intruder to break down the window frame and forcibly enter your home. To prevent this from happening, you may also want to consider reinforcing your window frames. Certain window frame materials, such as aluminium and steel, are popular due to their strength and ability to withstand forced entry attempts.

Upgrading Your Windows with Valley Windows

If you’re looking to upgrade your windows for improved home security, ensure that you get what you need from a reliable and trustworthy supplier. Valley Windows is a leading manufacturer and supplier of custom windows and doors in Melbourne, and we have been serving the local community for decades. We have a comprehensive catalogue that includes many different window styles and designs to suit your tastes and preferences. For more information, contact us today or visit our showroom to see for yourself!

Image Source: Bob Vila