Windows and Greenhouses

Windows and GreenhousesWindows aren’t just designed for your home. In fact, way back in the day, some houses didn’t even have windows – and those that did, had very different styles than we see on the market today. While the Valley Windows team doesn’t have examples in our inventory, they’ve certainly inspired the engineering and design that we follow today, offering you a better view with sleek and stylish windows and doors in all sorts of options. Yes, we most frequently install windows and doors for your homes or businesses. We know how many benefits they offer – opening up spaces, maximizing light and increasing the ultimate value of your home. But we’ve only been able to become experts in our space by learning, so we always strive to think through where different types of windows have made sense.

One example that jumped out at us is greenhouses– the hub of success for plant life. Their condensation level or humidity level may be higher, but light and sunshine are absolutely paramount for anything to grow and thrive inside. So, greenhouses are built top to bottom (in most cases) using windows.

But you can’t pick just any windows. Every window has slight differences to accomplish different goals, all while depending on the same foundational qualities. Many windows are designed to contribute to insulation, keeping warm air in when it’s chilly outside and the reverse during hotter months. Other windows are chosen to help limit carbon footprints, using and recycling energy from the sun. Both of the types of windows have aspects that work really well for greenhouses.

Window treatments are something else that you’ll want to take into account. There are different types of glazing, all with the intention of keeping your greenhouse both energy efficient and weather resistant. Some examples include single tempered glass, tempered insulated double glass, fivewall polycarbonate and twinwall polycarbonate. A greenhouse doesn’t have to use just one type of treatment, instead, they’re all intermixable because so many greenhouses have unique styles. Not sure which one to pick?

Single glass makes a nice showpiece and if you pick a high-quality option, you’re going to minimize the likelihood of injury or anything breaking. This is especially helpful if you have younger children or an active family.

Double glass is exactly what you might assume – twice as thick and durable as single glass, so if you live in a colder environment, this might be the route that you want to go for your greenhouse.

Twinwall Polycarbonate is cost-effective and one of the most practical choices. Working greenhouses, especially commercial locations use twinwall polycarbonate on a regular basis because of this and its ability to diffuse any harmful rays of sunshine.

Finally, for today, we have fivewall polycarbonate. This is the choice that those looking to build sustainably flock to. 16mm thick, it offers twice as much insulation than double glass and even more than twinwall polycarbonate.

With all of these options, we’re sure you have questions. Reach out to the Valley Windows team, we’re happy to help.