Windows and Heat – The 101 That You Need

Windows and Heat – The 101 That You NeedThe temperatures are rising, and the Valley Windows team wants you to be set up for success. That comes to life in a lot of different ways. Yes, we want you happy and healthy and know that we can be instrumental in this process. We don’t see our customers as customers, we see you as a community of friends, with whom relationships start the second that you reach out and continue long after the work is done. That’s why we started this blog and maintain it on such a regular basis. Information sharing, entertainment sharing, engaging conversations that we can have with you – that’s the dream as far as we’re concerned.

That means that the topics range far and wide. And when we’re looking at the summer ahead, there’s no better way for us to give you a better view, to turn your house into a home, to focus on the premium doors and windows that you hopefully already have installed, then to take care of them the best ways that we know how. Consider us your resource experts. Read on for our favourite ways for you to keep your windows top-notch and the inhabitants of your home in safe and happy conditions this summer.

Open your windows whenever you can

This can be controversial. Many shy away from keeping their windows open longer than necessary for several reasons. They picture bugs flying in, they envision intruders having access that they shouldn’t, (and this is most important) – they think that whatever weather is occurring outside will immediately traverse into your abode. Not the case on any of the above accounts. If you’re worried, invest in a screen. If you open your windows, you’re negating the need to spend excess money on air conditioning, heating etc.

Per below, invest in a screen

Like we said, it’s far easier to prop your window open, then either suffer through the sweltering heat/ (or cold) or spend a ton of money on your energy bills. This is a big win for your carbon footprint as well. The Valley Windows team has many valuable recommendations based on your needs, so definitely reach out if you have questions or want to start this conversation.

Get outside if you can! (And wear sunscreen)

We’re thrilled that warmer temperatures are here, and we know that sometimes they earn a bad reputation if you’re not properly prepared for them. Luckily, you’ve already stopped by the Valley Windows site, so you’ve taken a step in the right direction. Before global warming gets too hot and heavy, plan some fun activities and adventures that allow you to enjoy the sun in a safe and fun way. That’s right – sunscreen, people. The higher the better. Cancer and tans are out, living as long as you can is in!

Oh wait, that’s right; we also offer all of the best windows and doors so that you don’t even have to worry about any of the above! Be sure to check out our variety of products and reach out to the Valley Windows team with any questions that you have.