Windows Within Windows – What to Know

Windows Within Windows Windows are more complicated than you may think. That said, if you’re working with a company like the Valley Windows company – you know that all you’ll be leaving with is a job well done and hopefully a five-star review! When a contractor of any sort does their job correctly, you know less and less about the details of their process that you didn’t want to know (or didn’t think you needed to know). That said, if you’re someone who loves knowing these types of details or thrives on regular communication, we absolutely have your back and will support you in all of the best ways that we know how. It’s really a ‘choose your own adventure’ with us, and that’s really how it should be. Your home is a valuable commodity, and we are here to make sure that it stays that way.

What on earth does that have to do with ‘windows within windows’? Windows are a funny thing. You notice them if they’re grandiose or unique, but otherwise, they’re simply serving a need… ventilation, temperature, and if you’re lucky – view.

The beauty about windows can be their subtlety and that’s certainly the case when you build a variety of different window panes into one larger window. Think about your windows on the first floor of your home. Think about all of the windows that are maybe a bit more accessible than you would like them to be. You don’t want those swinging open and closed at all hours of the day when you need a light breeze, or honestly – when it’s just too hot to stomach being inside for a long period of time. Opening these all of the way up, and/or doing it on a regular cadence is basically inviting intruders and prowlers to get far closer to your home than you probably want them to be.

Don’t stress, don’t panic, that’s what the Valley Windows team is here for and that’s what these ‘windows within windows’ that we keep referencing are for. With a most literal definition, we’re talking about the smaller panes built into your windows. There doesn’t need to be a rhyme or a reason to the design. This can be as simple as having a corner pane up top that can open while keeping the remainder of your window sealed shut. And it doesn’t need to be just one. You can have as many panes across your windows as you like. It’s sort of a fun game, because again – subtlety is the name of the game. Just make sure that you’re able to spot your smaller windowpanes in a quick pinch.

We love to think and remind our customers that design – especially when it comes to windows – is fun! We wouldn’t be so passionate about it as a team if it wasn’t. So give us a call, let’s talk about your needs, about your home, and where we can possibly tempt you into exploring ‘windows within windows’.