Aluminium Windows 101

aluminium awning windowWe love telling the stories of our products. If you asked us to pick a favourite, it would be like picking a favourite child. We spend so much time here on the Valley Windows team, determining which ones actually make the cut into our inventory. It takes a long time and is an intense process, most never make it. We look at sustainability, we look at cost, we look at quality and we look at durability. We then divide our products into a couple of different varieties. Finally, we share all of this knowledge and expertise right here on the Valley Windows blog. This blog is an important part of our strategy to bring you a better view. Previously, we provided an overview of the aluminium doors that we offer. Today, we turn our heads to our aluminium windows and which style may work best for you.

Louvre Windows

Our Louvre windows are one of our most popular styles and contrary to popular opinion, they have nothing to do with the museum in France. Their main benefit is ventilation, and we frequently see them in homes in coastal areas. This is thanks in part to flyscreens, which are fit to the external face in a specially developed retention system. The blades that they’re engineered with operate from inside your home, which means that the flyscreen can remain sans obstructions.

Sashless Double Hung Window

Our sashless double hung windows are another style that customers frequently flock to. Through simultaneous operation of top and bottom panels, you’re rewarded with unparalleled circulation. You can lock by key in both the vent and fully closed postions, and this style can be configured either vertically or horizontally.

Superlite Window

Light isn’t normally a word that you use to describe the density of a window, but in this case, it makes sense. The superlite window is aesthetically pleasing and works well with all sorts of styles of homes. It can be neatly coupled to both sliding and hinged door frames. It looks especially clean and requires minimal maintenance because it is engineered from stainless steel. These are often compared to timber windows because of the inline reveals, so they’re very easy to install. Ultimate bonus? You’ll see maximum energy efficiencies.

Awning Window

We’re sure that if you saw any of these windows, they’d look familiar to you, even if the names aren’t. That’s certainly the case for the awning window, which you probably walk by a dozen times in a day. All of the different stays are designed and engineered with stainless steel. You can lift the sash away from the frame with dual action stays, so this style too is great for ventilation. It’s also great for keeping weather outside. Dual weather seals on the moving panels not only keep out the elements, but also any noise that would intrude on an otherwise quiet and peaceful evening.

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