Valley Windows Aluminium Doors

aluminium stacker door, valley windows aluminium doorsWhen you work with the Valley Windows team, you don’t just get windows. The name can be deceptive, but windows were just our starting point. We saw a great opportunity to provide you a better view, and we knew that we could do so with the elite teammates that we’re lucky to call family, the craftsmanship that we don’t see as a benefit – we see as a necessity, and the bonds that we build with our valued base of customers. We look at this as the trifecta of success and this blog is a valuable ingredient in the recipe. If you’re newer to the site, we welcome you with open arms and introduce you to your one-stop-shop for the information that you need. If you’re an old friend, then we thank you time and time again for returning to us and hopefully learning more and more. We’ve discussed timber doors and the benefits that they can help your home reap. And now – it’s time to celebrate our aluminium doors. Read on for more:

Aluminium Stacker Door

First up is the Stacker Door. It’s similar to the sliding door, which we’re sure that you’re familiar with. The main difference is that it incorporates an additional row of sliding panels, while taking a look at the broader distance. Each panel rolls on carriages which are rated and 80kg. This means that this door is ideal for effortless operation. Young children? No problem? Parents who are getting on in their years? Again – everyone can operate these doors easily. They’re also weatherproofed to the outdoors, thanks to weather-proof seals.

Aluminium Hinged Door

More of a fan of hinged doors? We’ve got a good one for you. Ours can open inward or outward and thanks to Superlite products, you can add in sidelites or highlites, both of which the frames couple neatly with. The great thing about our hinged doors is that the lever compression maximizes security, by providing secure locks at all sorts of different points. This is another style that keeps the weather out when you don’t want it.

Aluminium Corner Sliding and Stacked Doors

Finally, we’d like to combine. Valley Windows offers a variety of sliding and stacker door units that work especially well in the corners of your property and home. They expand to include both internal and external offerings, so no matter what your need – we’re here to help. Each of the different products again roll on two 80kg rated carriages. Each of these products again result in the most effortless of operation. Dual wool-pile seals mean that yet again, Mother Nature has to stay outside.

We know that it’s a lot to take in. And that’s where we come in. We welcome you into our stores and encourage you to reach out in the way that makes the most sense for you. Be it email, phone or in-person, we’re thrilled to begin to answer the questions that come to mind, share what we know and begin the conversation to bring you a better view.