Balconies 101

Balconies 101The Valley Windows team loves balconies. You see them in so many different architectural styles. The movie that comes to mind for many is ‘Romeo and Juliet’, and that’s served as the inspiration for the romantic nature of including balconies in any home design. Fast-forward hundreds of (fictional) years and we’ve gotten way more creative. Now, a balcony could mean a verandah. It could mean the style that’s so popular in many parts of the world with wrap-around porches. These spaces bring connotations of relaxation. They bring connotations of lazy afternoons (or mornings) with a beverage of your choice, enjoying the great outdoors from the comforts of your home. What a wonderful thing to have as a piece of your home.

The Valley Windows team is grateful to bring you a better view and any balcony most likely requires a window or door (or both). It doesn’t matter what the size or shape of it is, balconies are a brilliant way to showcase both. To the above point, we hope that both our brand-new readers and those that faithfully return over and over again know that they can work with us to take a serious and concerted effort at the range of products we have and determine exactly what would work best for you. But, as we always aim to do on the blog, information-sharing is our thing and today, we have some tips about balconies in general:

  • First up, think about the size and shape. We mentioned this above. There’s a lot of grandeur in having a giant balcony in the front of your home, overseeing all of your garden, that’s easily accessible by a huge style of door like our aluminum sliding door. We get it, but sometimes a style of balcony or even a style of door like that can overwhelm the existing architectural style of your home. We’d recommend leveraging a style of product like that elsewhere in your home, especially on the ground floor.
  • Secondly, think about where the balcony is located. You really don’t want it facing the front of the home, especially if your home isn’t set particularly far back from the street, or into your neighbour’s living room. Instead, take a look at your favourite view from potentially the backyard, knowing that you’ll be able to enjoy it from a different vantage point, and probably enjoy it even more.
  • Balconies are easy to add at any point in time. The Valley Windows team is happy to make recommendations for contractors who can help with that. If you find a home, you’re in love with, but know that that’s the one addition that you’d like to think through, don’t let that stop you from signing on the dotted line. Just make sure that you’re factoring in an appropriate nest egg for further down the line (give yourself time to move in) to then embark on a project that’s going to make your home even better.

Interested? Please reach out. The Valley Windows team always wants to help make your home better.