Different Types of Curtains

Different Types of CurtainsWindows are important to us. (It’s like it’s half of our company name or something like that!) As are doors. Valley Windows is committed to providing you with a better view and we take this mission very seriously. We put in long hours each day – and we enjoy every minute – meeting with our prospective and current customers to ensure that your home only gets better and better with our support. But, a successful company goes far beyond the day-to-day tasks that we can help with. A successful company is all about going the extra distance and knowing the role that your product plays in the greater scheme of things. For us, we know that windows and doors are an integral piece, but nonetheless a *piece* of the puzzle of a perfect home. And what’s the best way to upgrade a window? Add some amazing curtains. We’ve covered the basics, check out other articles on our blog for more information. Today, we’re all about the specific styles that you can explore.

Here are our thoughts about the different types of curtains that you can look into to up-level your windows:

First on deck, we have box-pleated curtains. This is probably the most tailored look that you will find. They drape into deep folds and are great for floor to ceiling windows – not to mention the dramatic effect that they can have on your interior design. Think about the most formal aesthetic you can find on the market and you have box-pleated curtains. We recommend that you take advantage of these for spaces like dining rooms and living rooms.

Pinch pleated curtains are decorative and for good reason. They ensure a formal finish and work with all sorts of different visions and homes. Who knew that there was so much science to a curtain? In fact, with pinch pleated curtains, there are five different types – all named for the number of fingers associated with the pleats. Think three-finger, two-finger, etc. What’s the science? The more pleats, the more full the curtains may appear. On the flip side, that means that they may cost more, due to more fabric needed.

Eyelet curtains can also be known as grommet curtains. These are your friend if you’re looking to maximize the light that you’re letting into your space. They hang very easily and work for both light and medium weight fabrics. Make sure that you stock up on silver rings, as that’s what the rod at the top weaves through. We think that these work particularly well in the rooms of children since they’re so easy to open, close and maintain.

Cased heading curtains (which can also be found under the name rod pocket curtains) are also a popular choice. How do they work? Thanks to a simple cased heading, which you’ll frequently see used in nets and lightweight fabrics. They’re more difficult to open, so the Valley Windows team recommends that they’re installed in rooms that are used less frequently… note that that won’t detract from their beauty or function at all.

These are just a few examples. Questions or would like more information? Reach out to the Valley Windows team!