Don’t Be Blind Sided

Don't Be Blindsided - window blindsWe know, we know, we’re super comedic. It’s probably the reason that you came to check out the Valley Windows site, isn’t it? Well if not, it’s probably because you know how prolific we are in the window and door business – always bringing you a better view.

It’s not easy. It takes a village, and it takes real commitment to our craft. Each of our teammates has been in the business for a very long time. We know that experience counts and we know that our desire to improve is equally as important.

So, keep coming back to the Valley Windows blog. It’s our little one-stop-shop to educate our most important asset… you!

While windows and doors are the paramount piece of our business, we know that they plan a single role in the important and evergreen landscape that you call home. It’s potentially your biggest investment and we respect that. We know that the only way for you to feel comfortable and confident about your home is when you’re well educated and feel like you’re in the driver’s seat of creativity. Today, that means that we’re talking about blinds (part one).

What are they, really? A great way to shut out the outdoors and the elements of Mother Nature that come with it. Yes, first and foremost – that is correct. Blinds were designed over the past hundreds of years to combine ventilation and privacy.

So, what kind of style should you be looking for? It’s entirely up to you, but we’re here to impart whatever wisdom that we can. Blinds come in all sorts of different types. They come in different materials, and they come in different sizes. What matters most, is that they make you happy and make sense for the style of your home. If you have east-facing windows, they’re even more integral in the morning. When you have west-facing windows, they’re even more integral at night. Here are some types to check out:

  • Roman shades
  • Window roller shades
  • Mini blinds
  • Solar window shades (if you’re feeling sustainable and futuristic)
  • Horizontal blinds

…and many, many more.

Let’s pause for a minute on the solar window shades, especially knowing that you have another post about window blinds coming your way. The team at Valley Windows is always committed to limiting your carbon footprint and this is a great way to do so. Not only are you saving the environment, but you’re putting money back in your wallet – month over month.

It’s important to note that “blinds” can mean both blinds and shades and there is an important difference between the two. Blinds have individual slats that move either horizontally or vertically, giving you total control about the amount of sunlight and noise that you allow into your home. Shades slide up and down and provide more limitations in this sense.

So, what are you to do? We know the answer to this one. Reach out to Valley Windows. We’ll be able to help you sort out exactly the right solution for you.