February 2020 Home News

February 2020 Home NewsIs there anything better than a home news post from the Valley Windows team? We know that the fact that we provide a better view is right up there, but we’re hoping that this is a close second. In fact, it might have even been your New Year’s resolution just over a month ago (time flies) to read these regularly.

Our dedication to sharing the news that means that most to us is unsurpassed in the industry and also unique. We love our competition; we see them as allies and teammates and companies that can continue to push us to do our best work. But, one of the many reasons that we feel like we stand out in the crowd is our desire to always distribute the articles and the know-how that we discuss on a day-to-day basis with you. It might have to do with windows and doors. It might not. Doesn’t matter. If it has anything to do with your current or dream home, we believe that you should know about it. Read on for our first home news post of the year and exactly what we know that you should know.

2019 Construction ‘Disappointing’

We’ll start with a more sobering moment. It’s nothing to get fussed about, but it is a good and transparent look at our industry in the past year. It’s been declining in numbers. We see this as an optimal challenge and note something that upsets us. According to the Aurora News Register, “Local construction activity increased by more than 10 per cent from a year ago but added up to far below the 10-year average at $6,812,344.”

Top Landscaping Trends for 2020

Feel like heading outside? After all, it’s the best way to see the Valley Windows products like our premium windows and doors. That means that you’ll also probably take an eagle eye to your landscaping and for good reason. It’s the beginning of the year, and it’s time to think through the trends that are really going to take mainstage this year. This article is the perfect jumping-off point to help with this endeavour. Builder shares its thoughts on what will really elevate your curb appeal and market value, including trends like bountiful shades of blue, ornate and geometric hardscaping, remote irrigation and more. Check out their additional thoughts at this link.

Spaceship-Themed Interiors and Furniture

A well-designed window is just as much appreciated from the inside as it is from the outside. So, the Valley Windows team takes it in stride to be knowledgeable about interior design and home décor as well. Just call us experts in everything – we won’t mind. Fans of Sci-Fi? Then, this one is for you. We know that everything is becoming increasingly futuristic, and this category is no exception. That’s why it’s fun to read about different trends that are up-and-coming and where they’ve taken their inspiration from. We’re talking about spaceship-themed chairs, rocket-inspired tables, rainbow panoramas, offices straight out of hundreds of years into the future and more. Interested? Visit this link.

It’s been a great start to the year. We hope that these articles make you just as excited as we are for the remaining months.