February 2022 Home News

February Home NewsWe’re already almost two months into the new year and the construction and home design businesses continue to flourish. Companies generally start off the year (Valley Windows included) setting goals and trends for our customers. The great thing about this is that we learn from each other and our entire industry benefits from a growing amount of expertise. In this spirit, as our returning readers know, we love to share on a monthly basis. Here are our favourite finds for February:

As we said, trends for the year are big right now. Companies are looking back at 2021 and looking forward to 2022. What worked? What didn’t? We know that there are areas of both. This retrospective is unique because 2020 and 2021 were such interesting years, so we particularly enjoyed this article and its thoughts on how to live and thrive at home during the pandemic. “There will be an increase in home offices—homeowners are trading kitchen counters for more professional dedicated spaces. The Zoom fatigue is real, but so is the realization that the backdrop for those visual calls needs to step up. Allocating space for a home office often involves a reset of the room’s function. For example, sitting rooms off of bedrooms or smaller family rooms are converted. Guest rooms also do double duty, with sleepers and desks.” —Jean Brownhill, founder of Sweeten. Just one piece of advice from an expert. Learn more here.

As you can imagine, we’re a bit impartial to any articles we find that are focused on windows – designing them, constructing them and taking the best care of them. That includes window treatments, and this article nails it. Like anything related to building your dream home, there can be daunting details, and too often we’ve noticed that our customers throw in the towel and choose the easiest and simplest solutions. The Valley Windows team is one of many that won’t allow you to do that; rather, we want to empower you with the tips and tricks that you need. Favourite examples in this article include finding the best configuration, information about different styles of drapes and becoming more knowledgeable about styles of shades. You can learn more here.

As should always be the case, there has been a pronounced increase in focus on home efficiency. It’s the commitment to the environment and the commitment to your wallet. You’re both giving back and saving at the same time. Window replacement isn’t just repairing simple damage – it’s thinking through the best style of windows that will also keep your home safe and secure, while also maintaining a focus on the design aesthetic of your property. When you talk with an expert like Valley Windows, ask about both pocket installations that replace a window but keep the exact same style or full-frame installations, when you’re looking to change up the style or the way the window was constructed. Check out the article here or call us with all your questions.