February Home News

February Home NewsHello and thank you for visiting the Valley Windows blog! We love welcoming new friends to our community of current and prospective customers. Our number one goal? Giving you a better view. How do we do that? We have the best variety of windows and doors in the area and (in our humble opinion) in the business. That seems simple and straightforward, right? We agree with you on that and that’s why we take everything to the next level. To us, that means customer service, someone that we pride ourselves on in every interaction. You can be kind and patient with customers, that should be a baseline. Above that, we like to share all of the information that we learn with our customers. So, once a month – it’s time for our home news round-up! These are articles that have inspired and motivated us to continue to be the best that we can be. Read on for our favourites of February:

How to Start a Garden

What’s one of the best things about windows, especially if you’re sitting inside? You get to look outside and appreciate the great outdoors from the comfort of your home. You want that area to be beautiful and you can define that however you want. It can be wild and mystical, it can be kept and petite, but with whatever vision you have, you want to know what you’re doing. So, this article goes back to basics and we support that all the way. Visit this link for more information.

All the Colours of the Year

Some of the articles that we share should just be fun. You may know that the company Pantone releases their “colour the year” every year and similarly, this article is taking a look at the color trends that will be prevalent in and on all sorts of kitchen appliances. Apparently, there’s far more science that goes into the process than you think! As this article says, “Every year, after a long period of market research and introspection, paint companies come out of the woodwork to proclaim their “colour of the year.” These attempts to capture the design zeitgeist can often reveal interesting associations between mood and colour, as the most recent round of trend forecasting saw.” The Valley Windows team loves kitchens. Loves them. What better room in the home to gather, appreciate each other, learn and just generally spend your days? – both the beginning and the end. Learn more here.

Six Tips to Paint Like a Pro

Inside, outside, the Valley Windows team appreciates both and if a home looks good, then you’re just doing us a favour. We love seeing the homes that we’ve worked on and know that we’ve played a valuable part in making them a place where you smile every day. What does inside, outside have to do with this? Well, unfortunately, once homes are built, they still need to be painted. This article is a great 101 course on exactly how to do this, so that you look like a pro and don’t need one.