Find the Best Doors at Valley Windows

Timber Bi-fold DoorsThat’s right, Valley Windows isn’t just about windows that provide a better view for your home. While windows are definitely one of our bread and butter offerings, something that we’re well-versed in and passionate about, they’re not our whole inventory. Valley Windows is also pleased to be able to provide best-in-class timber and aluminium doors, no matter what your needs are. For those newer to our site and our blog, we welcome you with open arms. We’re fortunate enough to work in an industry and in an area where we have thriving competition. We say thriving because when one company succeeds, we all succeed.

We have always believed and will continue to believe that our customers come first and if you feel excited about our product, we’ve done our job right. So, we thought, “what is the best way to reach our customers? How can we get them really excited about the products that we carry, their craftsmanship, the customer service that comes along with them?” We were able to answer that question in a myriad of ways, with this blog being one of them. This blog should serve as a hub of information around what we can offer you, what’s going on in the world of home renovations, architecture landscaping and more. It should also answer any questions that you might have.

Today’s post falls into the “what we can offer you” category and focuses specifically on our doors. Each product is like a child to us – it’s hard to pick a favourite. To that point, this is part one of a series, so that we can provide the proper love and attention to the different doors that we offer our valued community of customers. We’ve got several styles for you to choose from, each made of the highest quality and most sustainable materials. Both of these characteristics are vital to any product that we want to bring to life. We want to ensure that your doors are durable enough to last many generations and that the impact that we leave on your carbon footprint is minimal. This takes time, effort, hard work and dedication, but it’s always worth it.

So, let’s talk about the styles of doors that we have:

First up is the stacked door. The stacked door is very similar to a sliding door, but it incorporates an additional row of sliding panels that extend over an extended distance. The different panels roll on carriages that are 80 kg, which means that operating them is effortless. All panels are waterproof thanks to dual wool-pile seals.

Bifold doors are next on deck. The rolling system along the bottom again means smooth operating. Because the focus of the weight is on the sill, any works above are minimised. Bifold doors take advantage of lever compression locks, which secure at multiple different points and provide both maximum security and protection from the weather.

That rounds out our post for the day but stay tuned for more information about the different doors that Valley Windows has for you.