Hidden Rooms

hidden roomsYou may have heard of the movie Hidden Figures, but are you familiar with the inspiring design and motive behind hidden spaces in your home? Don’t be scared if you’re not aware of existing hidden rooms, it’s likely that you don’t have them. But, that shouldn’t stop you from geeking out on the internet and on the Valley Windows blog, looking at the unique and innovative ways that homeowners design their homes. Secondly, if you’re about to embark on the journey of designing and building your next home, it’s a fun item that you can take into account.

As many articles properly sum it up, things like mirrors, bookcases and even floorboards aren’t always what they appear to be. Hidden spaces have been a staple in architecture for centuries, although in former days, they were far more functional. They’ve been used in pretty much every castle, palace and home of a dignitary, forever. In some Egyptian pyramids, they protected burial chambers. These tunnels were an easy way to exit the premises swiftly and without being noticed, especially in castles. They often led to tunnels that would then take the inhabitants of the home to a safer location.

According to this site, “These tunnels usually have hidden or camouflaged doors, some of them can be opened by engaging locking devices, or a code protected mechanism. Camouflaged doors can be hidden behind a painting, a sliding bookcase or can be built into an architectural feature.”

Nowadays, we’re hoping that the above reasons aren’t as necessary as they once were. Rather, secret rooms and passages are used for much more fun reasons. By pressing a bookcase in the right place, you may lead yourself to a secret playroom for your young ones. By lifting a mirror in a certain direction, you may enter a hallway or staircase that gets you to your next destination and surprises all of your household or guests.

Access to cellars is an increasingly popular reason to create these. Instead of dealing with a regular staircase, you can design a trapdoor, that takes up none of your square footage, but still meets all of your needs. When you invest in a design addition like this, it gives you extra motivation to ensure that the space that stairs or a passage lead to, are properly outfitted for all of your needs – be it a wine cellar, gym, she shack or additional media room space.

Now, the question is whether you reveal your secret to those visiting or living with you. Your choice…

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* image source: Tower Trip